Stacey Awakens You

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By: northgate

You wake up to see Debbie's sister, Stacey, staring down at you. "Hi there Squirt", she says smiling. "Been a while since I saw you. I'm a freshman in college now", she tells you as she takes you up in her hand and holds you up. "You used to treat me like a little kid but now you're the little one. Pretty funny, huh?"

You know this is not good and tray to take control of the situation. "Put me down right now Stacey", you tell her, "Your sister will be home some."

"Actually, she had to work late and she called me and asked me to look in on you which is exactly what I'm doing." she replies. "Now let's go get a snack."

She carries you down to the kitchen and puts you down on the table and you watch as she get things to eat while forgetting about you. It doesn''t matter much because you have no way off the counter. She finally comes over to you and you say, "What about my snack? I'm hungry too."

She thinks for a minute and tells you, "I've got just the nutritious snack for you." and you watch as she takes a smear of peanut butter and sticks it between her toes. "There you go.", she says, "Some nice peanut butter and toe jam for you". She lowers you to the kitchen floor next to her foot and spread her toes for you. "Now lick it all up tiny or I'll have to punish you for wasting food."

You know she means it and you approach her foot and start licking. Fortunately, the peanut butter makes it palatable so you are able to eat it all. As you finish, she relaxes her toes and they close on you holding your head in place.

"Now make all gone, baby", she laughs and she lifts her foot slightly lifting you off the floor by your head and straggling you. She waits a moment and relaxes her toes dropping you to the floor. She picks you up and carries you upstairs to her room.

"Don't I get anything to drink?", you ask her.

"Oh, you're right", she replies, "You could use a drink and maybe a bath too." She turns and goes into the bathroom. "Time for your bath", she laughs as she drops you in the toilet.

"That's not funny", you yell as you get back to the surface. "Get me out of here."

"You better not yell at me you little turd", she tells you, "I suggest you get your drink quick before I give you your shower" She turns her back to you and lowers her pants and panties. You watch in horror as her gigantic ass lowers over you and she sits on the bowl blocking out any light and plunging you in darkness. "Now you have to let me know if I hit a bulls-eye", she laughs and she lets go a torrent of piss that hits you in the head. She finishes and stands up and pulls up her pants. She turns and looks down at you. She looks in at you, "Did I hit you? Now tell the truth."

"Yes", you tell her, "Now please get me out of here"

"Awesome, I bet my piss tastes sweet, huh?", she tells you, "Maybe next time I get you to ride on one of my logs. That would be fun." She gets a length of string and waves it over your head. "Better grab on before I flush", she tells you. She lowers it so you can grab on with your hands and she lists you out as you hold on for dear life and is lowered down into the sink. A moment later hot water is blasting out at you knocking you over. She takes a pump bottle of liquid soap and pumps it out over you covering you in soap. She waits and makes sure you washed yourself before shutting the water off. She drops a hand towel on top of you and tell you to dry off.

"Wasn't that fun", she tells you as she carries you into her room. "We're going to have lots of fun and you're not going to tell Debbie or my mom. Otherwise you will meet a timely demise and I promise it will be painful." She drops you on her desk and sits down in front of you still towering over you. "So are you still a big man or are you a little mouse", she asks you.

"I'm still a man even if I'm a little smaller", you reply.

"A little smaller???", she asks, "A little.... that precious. So I guess your a big tough man and I'm just a little girl, right?", she asks.

"That not what I said", you protest, "I said I'm still a man."

She ignores your response. "Let's see how tough you are", she answers and she swings her index finger into your crotch dropping you to your knees. "You don't look very tough". She takes her finger and gives you another pop in the chest knocking you down. "Your not tough at all", she comments. Now sit there quietly while I do my work. I'll got to get this done before we play our next game."

You sit there and wait hoping she'll leave you alone but you are out of luck when she decides to string you up by your ankles and tie the string off her bookshelf over the desk and leave you dangles so she can poke at you and leave you swinging helplessly. At first you yell at her to stop but that only encourages her more so you stop yelling and suffer in silence.

Just when you think you can't take it anymore, the door swings open unexpectedly and you see it's ...

Your choices:

  1. Debbie
  2. Stacey's friend and fellow pledge at the sorority, Dana

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