Debbie Returns

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By: northgate

Debbie returns in the early evening and bring you back a few scrapes from her dinner and some water but ifs more than enough for you. You gobble it up sitting in the middle of a plate on her bed as she lays next to you watching you. As you finish, her hand moves in and grabs you up. "My little man like his dinner?', she asks you playfully. "{I think you like it here in my bedroom, nice and safe. Better than being out there in the world by yourself."

"I suppose so.", you reply, "Thank you for helping me out especially with our history."

"You're welcome", she answers, "but not so fast. There is no free lunch or dinner for that matter in this world." She lifts you off the plate and back on to the bed as she carries the plate over to her desk and out of the way. She returns a moment later and stand towering over you looking down at you. "I suppose you do need to do something in return for the room and board."

"I don't know what I could do for you at this size.", you tell her hoping she'll drop the topic.

"My mom thinks that you should give us all daily foot massages to earn your keep though I have to warn you that Stacey has a pair of really stinkers.", she continues, "Now if you don't have a better suggestion, I'll have to go with her ideas for now."

You really don't want to be subjected to giving these three woman foot massages every day especially to her bratty sister Stacey and you think hard to come up with an idea that will convince her to subject you to this torture.

You ....

Your choices:

  1. have an idea
  2. Times up and you don't have an idea.

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