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By: northgate

You want to stay with Debbie and the whole idea of getting married doesn't sit right with you so maybe this is the best option, so you agree. Karen smiles and picks you up depositing you in the palm of her hand. "I'm so glad you decided to be friends otherwise I would have had to get rid of you." She stands up and carries you out of the room.

You are worried about that last comment about "getting rid of you". If this friendship doesn't work out, you could have a real problem. She carries you into her bathroom and you aren't sure what is happening as she retrieves a bottle from the cabinet. She carries you and the bottle back to her bed and sits down. "Would you be a doll and rub some moisturizer on my feet. I'm on them eight hours a day and it would sure feel good." She puts you down by her bare feet and tells you to hold your hands out as she fills them with lotion from the bottle.

You are kinda of stuck with your hands full of lotion and two giant feet in front of you and then there was that comment so you follow through and rub the lotion into her feet. this continues for some time as she keeps filling your hands and you keep working until she is finally satisfied. She takes you in the kitchen and you both eat a little and talk for a bit until she realizes how late it is and that she needs to get ready for work.

She takes you back to Debbie's room and deposits you back on the bed. "Remember this is our secret", she tells you as she leaves. You are tired from your work and decide it might be a good time to take a nap. You lay back and fall asleep and sometime passes before you are awakened by ....

Your choices:

  1. Debbie
  2. Stacey

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