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By: northgate

Debbie tells Dana that she isn't ready to leave home and that her mom and sister still need her.

Dana says , "That's Ok. I'll leave the offer open in case you change your mind.: She looks over and you and says, "We should go out and celebrate your engagement. I can call Darla and see if she wants to go clubbing with us."

"That sounds nice", Debbie answers, "We can check out one of the new places we haven't been to yet."

"Great" says Dana "and you should bring Joey too. No reason he shouldn't have fun and celebrate too. 'm going to go home and I'll pick you up later tonight."

You spend the rest of the day relaxing and Debbie even goes to the store and finds you a doll sized sweat pants and t-shirt for you to wear that night. Your not too sure about the idea of going to a club given your size but there it isn't worth arguing with Debbie. She dresses for the night out and picks an outfit that she is sure she can hide you. She puts on a gold chain with a gold hoop at the end and she slides you through it so you are dangling from the hoop that surrounds your chest under your arms. She tucks you in top and checks that you are well hidden from view. "All set", she says as she heads out to meet Dana and Darla.

Dana drives them to the club and they go in and immediately get drinks and start dancing. You get shaken pretty badly from all the dancing and you are relived when they decide to get a small table in a corner so they can talk for a while. It not long when Dana says, "Come on Debbie, who don't you let the little guy out for a while. He must be hot in there and Darla hasn't seen him yet.

Debbie relents and takes you out and sets you down on the table. "Wow he is tiny", Darla says. She slides her drink right next to you and continues, "He's not even as big as my drink." They all watch you walk around the table and look at their giant drinks. "I think he's thirsty", Darla tells the others and used her finger over her straw end to capture a bit of her drink at the end of the straw and hold it over your hear. "Open your mouth and take a drink" she tells you and a moment later she releases her finger and the equivalent of about 10 oz hit your face soaking you and the three girls laugh at you.

"Come on, let's dance some more", Dana tells her friends. "Yeah", Debbie replies already effected by the alcohol in her drink. "My feet are killing me from these new shoes", Darla complains, "I'm going to sit this round out." "OK", Debbie replies, "Joe can stay and keep you company." The two girls get up to dance and you suddenly feel a let less comfortable around this girl you barely know.

She is ignoring you and watching the crowd when some guy comes up to the table and says to Darla, "Hey beautiful. I haven't seen you here before. Would you like to dance?"

Your choices:

  1. Darla decides to go dance with this guy.
  2. Darla acts like a bitch toward this guy.

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