Debbie back from her friend Dana

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By: northgate

You are awoken by noise and you wake up to see Debbie is back and she is flanked by her friend Dana who gushes over you, "He is so tiny and adorable. I could just eat him up."

You shudder at the thought and a moment later her hand comes down and plucks you from your rest place. You struggle in her fingers but she pins your arms to the side in her tight fist and smiles down at you. You can smell her minty fresh breath as she brings you up to her mouth. Her tongue lashes out across your face followed by a big wet kiss across your face.

"I have to congratulate you for proposing to my best friend. Now I can finally be a maid of honor at a wedding. I can't wait to see you in a tiny tux", she giggles as her warm breath continues to wash over you. She turns her attention from you and back to Debbie for a moment telling her, "You just have to bring him to your bachelorette party. He will be so much fun and it's not like a little guy like him could have a bachelor party anyway. The strippers would grind him to a plump." She laughed at her joke and lowers you a bit to her own ample set of breasts. "What do you think Joey? Could you survive a round between these girls", she laughs as she brings you closer.

"Stop it, Dana", Debbie scolds her giving her a light punch in the arm. "After all my he is my finance. You can't go stuffing him in your cleavage. Now give him to me", she tells her and Dana quickly hands you over.

"You're the spoilsport, Debbie", Dana pouts, "And tell me something, he's already all yours. Why are you marrying him?"

Debbie stuffs you down her blouse between her breasts and under her bra strap. "Now he is nice the safe. We are getting married because my mom won't let him stay her otherwise."

"Well marriage mean commitment and responsibility. As your friend, I don't know if you are ready for that especially with someone so helpless and dependent on you.", Dana tells her, "I have an idea. You could move it with me and Darla. We have a third bedroom you use as an office. We could clean it out for you. Then you could do whatever you want and take all the time you need before getting married."

"That is really nice of you", Debbie replies, "but I don't have enough money to pay you rent and my mom and sister need me here."

"Don't worry about the rent. I'm sure we can work something out and you have to leave home eventually. Maybe this is just the prompt you needed.", Dana tells her trying to sway her friend's mind, "What do you say?"

Debbie thinks for a moment and says, ...

Your choices:

  1. "No, I need to stay here for now. "
  2. "You know maybe you are right"

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