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By: northgate

Debbie is annoyed by her friend's behavior and leaves to go home. When she gets there there isn't anyone in the house so she goes directly up to her room. She with draws you from her necklace and gently drops you on the bed. She says, "You've been so perfect to me. The proposal, the ring and the present. You hardly gave me a hard time at all. You were so good I'm going to give you a little present!"

She stands over the bed smiling down at you and starts a slow striptease watching you the whole time. Once she is down to her bra and panties, she asks, "Did my little man enjoy my dance?" and reaches in to pull off the crude garment she gave you to wear for the trip out. "Yummy", she says noting your boner, "I see you're happy to see me." She stokes you with her index finger and then resumes her dance slowing removing her bra. She swings it around over her head and lets it fly across the room. Finally she slowly removes her panties and you are ready to explode. She reaches over and playfully dropping them on you. Her smell fills your nostils and you struggle to get out from under her gigantic panties.

You emerge to see her on the bed on all fours looming over you smiling. Her head swoops down and licks your body followed by one wet kiss after another. You fall onto your back on the bed but she doesn't stop continuing to kiss you all over. You cum over and over and she licks up the tiny drops. "Was that good for you", she asks.

You nod weakly as you are overwhelmed by this treatment.

She smiles at your answer and picks you up in her hand and gives you another kiss. "Good, now it's my turn", she giggles and she rolls over on her back. She lowers you down and releases you and you tumble back down to the bed. You get your bearing s and look to see her thighs on each side of you. You turn around and looming in front of you is her shaved pussy moist in anticipation. "I shaved it special for you this morning." she tells you and you note that has been completely cleared save a thin strip of short above it. "now don't keep me waiting", she says and you approach her and use your hands to stimulate her. "I want kisses like I gave you she demands" and you start kissing her and she reacts by getting wetter. Your still hard and ready to go to action and insert your tiny member in her and start pumping in and out. Of course your tiny penis has no effect on her at it's current size.

"That's so cute", she giggle looking down at you working away at her, "Here let me help you out." Her hand comes down and gives your whole body a push into her. Her fingers manipulate you and you are plunged headfirst beyond her outer folds of skin and deep inside her. The smell and heat is overwhelming and you try to back away but she won't let you pushing your further forward. "Mmmm, Give me kisses inside now", she demands and you are forced to comply.

You are no match for her hand that forces you deeper and deeper until you are soaked in her juices and slide smoothly in and out until you are in up to your ankles. Her fingers hold on to your ankles and pump you faster and faster stimulating herself until she orgasms multiple times.

When she is satisfied she lets you catch your breath before she gets up and redresses. She carries you to the bathroom and places you on the side of the sink. She carefully cleans off your naked body in the sink and dries you with a small hand towel. "All nice and clean", she says admiring her work.

As she leaving the bathroom her sister who is now home walks by her in the hallway. "That was quite the racket you were making in your bedroom. Are you telling me that shrimp is actually getting you off?", she says with a smile.

"Actually, he quite talented", Debbie replies as she pushes past her sister and back to her room where she lies you down in a tissue box. "Looks like a wore you out. You can rest here and get a little nap. I'll wake you for dinner. Meanwhile, I want to go down the street and show off my ring to my friend Dana." She leaves the room and shuts the light out to let you get some rest.

You fall asleep quickly and get some rest until you are awakened by the door opening and the sound of footsteps across the room. You open your eyes and see it is ....

Your choices:

  1. Debbie back from her friends
  2. Stacey up to no good.

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