Lindsey sticks by her feelings toward you

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By: northgate

Lindsey looks at you with disdain. "I told he we was a little shit when you dated him and now he really is a little shit. Let's flush him down the toilet like he deserves and then I'll take you out for drinks tonight so you can find a real man."

Debbie hold you close against her breasts, "Why I could never do that to him. He's so small and defenseless. And he's not worthless. He got me this ring and he's going to do good by me."

"No, I know you Deb. He's just a cute little toy to you right now but you'll get tired of him and want a real man soon enough. So when that day comes, you let me know and I'll be happy to take care of him for you."

"That's not going to happen", Debbie tells her as she drops you back on to her necklace and secures you between her breasts. "We're out of here", she announces as she stands to leave pissed off at her friends remarks.

Debbie leaves and decides to take her little man ....

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