Lunch with Debbie and Lindsey

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By: northgate

Debbie tells you that she needs to catch up with her friend Lindsey and show off her new ring. You aren't thrilled about seeing Lindsey again but Debbie doesn't care and calls her on her cell to make plans. A short while later you find yourself in a small French coffee and sandwich shop at a table for two waiting for Lindsey. Debbie orders a drink checks her email and doesn't get a chance to take you out before Lindsey arrives and sits down.

Lindsey starts right away asking, "So did you get rid off that good for nothing tiny ex of yours?" You knew you didn't like Lindsey but that comment really sealed the deal.

"No actually we made up and got back together", Debbie replies. "In fact, check out this ring he got me. We're getting engaged". At least Debbie sticks up for you you think although you are still hidden from view between her breasts.

"You have got to be kidding me.", Lindsey exclaims, "What is that little runt going to do for you? He was worthless before and he is even less worthless now. Maybe he can be the ringmaster of a flea circus", she laughs at her own joke.

"Don't be so mean, Lins", Debbie tells her, "He's so cute and lovable and he really wants to make things right between us. Plus we shouldn't talk about him like that anyway. He is right here." You feel the chain pull and you being lifted as Debbie pulls you out and holds you in her palm.

"Wow the little guy looks no worse for wear. You really are sweet on him, aren't you? Why don't you put her down so I can congratulate him properly?", she asks Debbie.

Debbie lifts you from the loop and sets you down on the table and you look up to see a gigantic Lindsey smiling down at you. "Hi there", she says as she brings her hand up and slowly walks her index and middle finger across the table top toward you. She stops directly in front of you and you hear her say, "Congratu-fucking-lations", as she swings her index finger up in a kicking motion sending her finger nail right into your balls. You immediately drop doubled over in pain as she laughs at you.

"What did you do that for?", Debbie yells at her.

Lindsey hand closes over you and picks you up off the table and brings you up dangling in front of her face. "I should have stepped on you when I had the chance.", she tells you before looking at Debbie and saying, "Let me take him off your hands right now. Keep the ring as a souvenir and I'll get him out of your life for good."

Debbie leans forward and snatches you out of her fingertips and deposits you back in the ring and between her breasts. "Lindsey what is a matter with you. I can't believe what I jerk you are sometimes."

Your choices:

  1. Lindsey apoligizes
  2. Lindsey sticks by her feelings toward you

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