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By: northgate

You tell Debbie everything that happened with Stacey and how she threatened you told her. She listens until you finish the story and says, "I can't believe my little sister would be that mean. You're just a poor helpless little man and you're my little man", she says as she holds up her ring finger. "Someday you'll be me little bitty husband", she continues followed by a big wet kiss across your face. "Let's go see Stacey right now and straighten this out", she says as she starts to carry you back upstairs to confront Stacey.

You say, "Debbie, can you just keep me from her. She's going to be mad at me if she finds out I told you. You can't always be around to protect me."

"Nonsense", she tells you, "You can be afraid of her forever." She knocks on Stacey's bedroom door and goes in with you in her fist.

"Stacey", she tells her sister, "Joe has been telling me that you lied to me and that you've been mean to him and torturing him. That's not right and it has to stop."

"Stacey stares back at her and says, "What has to stop is you thinking you are going to marry that little mouse. He can't hold a job or protect you or give you kids. You need to get over him and move on. All he is good for is to keep in a mouse cage like a little pet. Tell you what, you should give him to me and go out and get a real boyfriend. I'll teach him some tricks and train him like the mouse that he is."

Debbie replies, "I can't believe how mean you are, Stacey. Don't you ever touch Joe again." She storms out of the room and back to her own bedroom where she places you down on the bed and starts to cry. "I love you so mach but she's right. How are we going to have a normal life together. I don't know what to do."

You try to comfort her with your tiny hands stoking her thigh. She suddenly sits up and says, "I know what we should do" and she starts to undress you again. You are stripped naked by your giant girlfriend and she follows suit stripping down too. "I want you to make love to me. If you can satisfy me, then I'll know we should be together forever. Otherwise...."

The last word hangs there for you as she lies back and drop you on her bare belly. You wonder what the alternative is, be her pet in a cage or maybe she'll give you to her sister. You don't like either idea and move up to her breasts. You climb up on top of one and kiss her nipple watching it enlarge from your treatment. After a while she lifts you off and places you on the other breast. "My girls like equal treatment", she tells you and you begin again.

A few minutes go by and she says, "Your tiny man foreplay is nice but I'm going to need a bit more."

"Coming up my highness", you answer as you roll off the breast and head south where you find her leg spread open for you. You reach over the front of her crotch and stoke her moist lips trying to reach her clitoris. You reach too far and lose you position and tumble down to the bed between her thighs. You look up and see her pussy towering over you. You approach it and rub your body up and down against her moist lips and the smell is overwhelming. You try to reach her clitoris but you can't reach it so you climb up onto her pussy and thrust your arm in to get to it. You make your target which feels like a soft ball deep inside her and you stroke it over and over and you hear her moan and thrust her hips a bit.

You try to hold on but her shaking is too much and you fall back down to the bed and watch as her fingers descend on her pussy and to finish herself off. You try to reengage but her hand blocks you and she ignores your tiny pushes to get back into the action. When it is fianally over she reaches down grabbing you and bringing you up to her face.

She says, ....

Your choices:

  1. I'm sorry but I guess you're not man enough for me.
  2. That was a good start baby. With some more practice I'm sure you'll be great.

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