Debbie Leaves You with Stacey

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By: northgate

Debbie buys the story and leaves you with her evil younger sister Stacey. She releases her foot from on top of you and smiles down at you. "Time for the other foot, little Joey.", she tells you as she thrusts her other foot in front of you/. "Since you are so into my feet", I'll have to let you give me a pedicure nest", she laughs.

You continuing working on her foot hoping for this to end and for you to be back at Debbie where you can tell her about how horrible her sister is. Almost as though she is reading your mind Stacey says, "And don't think about telling Debbie that I forced you to do all this. I'll just deny it and since we'll all be living together for the foreseeable future, it will only be a matter of time for me to get you alone and do some real pay back.

You finish her foot and she bends down to face you on the coffee table and her hot breath washes over you. "Now promise me you won't tell Debbie anything that goes on between us.", she tells you, "and say that I can do whatever I want to you if you break the promise."

You stand there hesitating not wanting to make that promise. She snarls at you and brings her index finger on top of your foot and presses down enough that you can't move it. "Say it now or we'll see if I can break your foot with one finger", she tells you.

The pain is unbearable and you yell out, "I promise not to tell or you can do whatever you want to me."

She removes her finger and says, "See that wasn't that hard to say. Now we can have so much fun together. Since you can't work and Debbie has a crap ass part time job, we'll have lots of opportunity for fun." She leans back and puts her legs back up on the table on each side of you and looks at you. "I bet kissing all my beautiful toes gave you a major case of blue balls, so I'll do you a favor and let you relieve yourself.", she tells you.

"What?", you reply not quite sure what she is talking about, "Relieve myself?"

"Yeah", she replies, "Whip it out and jerk off to me. I want to see you squirt to prove you're into me."

"I'm not doing that", you tell her, "I'm engaged to your sister. It;s not right"

"Come on do it.", she says, "If you squirt, I'll lick your tiny dick", she tells you, "I bet Debbie doesn't even do that."

"No", you repeat, "It's not right and I won't do it."

She takes her legs off the table and leans in. "You are such a killjoy.", she says and she brings her hand down and flicks you in the balls with her finger drops you and causing you to roll up in a ball in pain. "And we were having such a good time. Let that be a lesson to you. I don't like people telling me no, especially when they are as small and insignificant as you are." She stands up to leave you on the table rolled up in pain. "And don't forget your promise either or I may take my nail clippers to that tiny dick", she says and she leaves to go back upstairs leaving you alone on the table in the dark basement.

About an hour later, the light comes back on and Debbie comes down to get you. "Hi, there Joe", she says, "Stacey said you were tired and wanted to take a nap down her because it was dark and quiet. You ready to come up with me now?", she asks you.

"Yes", you say not sure what else Stacey told Debbie about your time together.

Debbie picks you up in her palm to carry you back to her room. "Stacey told me that you guys had a nice talk and really bonded. She said she would even look after you when I am in class or working. Isn't that great?"

You ....

Your choices:

  1. respond, "yes, that's great"
  2. spill your guts with the truth about Stacey

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