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By: northgate

Debbie goes home wearing her new ring with her new fiancee dangling hidden between her breasts. She goes in the house and goes into the kitchen where her mom and sister are already three. "look, mom. Joe already bought me my ring", she says showing it off to them.

"Oh, that's beautiful", her mom replies, "Maybe I judged Joe to harshly". She gives Debbie a big hug squeezing you between their breasts and you try to yell out but you can't until her mom is done hugging.

"Whoops", Debbie says hearing your muffled cries for help and she extracts the necklace so you are now dangling on the outside. "Joe got me this too.", she says showing you dangling from the silver hoop necklace.

Her mom hold the silver hoop and in effect you in the palm of her hand to admire it. "You have really come through Joe", she tells you, "I think this shrinking has really helped make you a much more mature person. Let me congratulate you properly", she says as she lifts you out of the hoop and brings you up to her lips where she gives you a big wet kiss that is strangely arousing. She sets you down on the table and says, "Now Debbie let me get a close look at that ring."

As her and Debbie fawn over it you look over to see Stacey is hovering right over you with an evil smile. Her hand comes down and snatches you up in a moment and she squeezes you so tight you can't get a sound out. "I think Mom and Debbie need some girl time alone so you can come with me.", she whispers to you as she carries you off to their basement rec room. Where she drops you on the coffee table and sits on the sofa in front of you. "Now that you're going to be my little bittie brother-in-law we should get to know each other better. Let's start off with a foot massage. I heard Deb tell her friend what I good job you did. Let's see."

You hesitate and say, "No, I'm your sister's fiancee not some toy for you to play with."

She smiles and replies, "You're not a toy. You're my future brother-in-law and that's why I only want a foot massage." She knocks you down with her foot and lowers it down on you pressing you against the wood of the coffee table. "NOW!", she continues after letting you up.

You are scared of this giant girl and immediately start rubbing her foot as hard as you can. "Start with the toes", she orders you, "They're more your size ... and use your mouth too. Lick them clean", she laughs, "or I may accidentally step on your ankle next time."

You continue following her orders and are up to the fifth tow when Debbie finally shows up. "What are you doing to him?", Debbie yells at her sister.

Stacey lowers her foot covering you up so you can't yell out. "We were just hanging out and Joe offered to give me a massage. Seems he like giving foot massages. Maybe he's got a little fetish going there. I was just letting him enjoy himself. I'll bring him upstairs when we're done. Promise", she says acting all innocent.

Your choices:

  1. Debbie grabs you from off the table
  2. Debbie buys the story and leaves

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