Debbie Solves the Ring Problem

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By: northgate

Debbie and you both go to her room and she lies down on the bed and brings you close to her. "I've been thinking", she says, "about the ring problem and it is really simple. We'll just go shopping tomorrow and we'll find a nice ring and that will be that."

"And what are we buying a diamond ring with", you ask.

"Well you have money in the bank and since you really are engaged to me then it's a good reason to spend the money. I'll take you to your place and we can get your checkbook. You'll got that electronic deadbolt so it wouldn't be a problem to get it."

"She had it all figured out. Spend your money for the ring.", you thought to yourself, "Well she's right that it is a good reason and without it you;'ll find yourself out on the street."

The next morning, Debbie dresses and you have breakfast together while telling her mom and sister that you are going ring shopping.

"Maybe you should just wear him wrapped around your finger and you won't need to buy a ring.", Stacey says sarcastically.

You thought the brat had a good idea and it would save you some bucks but you didn't savor being worn on Debbie's finger and shown off to her friends.

After breakfast Debbie packed you in her purse and was off for the trip to our apartment to retrieve the checkbook. You weren't the best with finances and had your paycheck automatically deposited into your account. You were saving for a new car so you had quite a bit of money in the account so that won't be a problem.

You get to your apartment and she takes you out of her purse. You look around and everything seems so weird at this size. You'd like to explore around but Debbie is all business when she asks for your checkbook. You tell where to find it and she is off while you are left to marvel at your gigantic apartment. She comes back within a couple minutes and drops you and your checkbook in her purse closing it up and leaving you in darkness again. You figure you can always talk her into making another trip back to the apartment again at some point.

After another trip, you can hear her talking to a sales girl in what you presume is the jewelry store. The girl shows her numerous rings until she gets down to the three or four she really likes. "You should come back with your fiance to make the final selection", the clerk tells her.

"Not a problem", Debbie answers and she opens her purse and produces you setting you down on the counter in front of the rings. You look up at the sales girl who is utterly confused by this tiny man standing on her counter. You are just glad that Debbie had given you back your boxer shorts and a t-shirt to wear that morning so at least you weren't naked.

" that ?", the clerk asked, "Is that real?"

"Yes, this is Joe my fiance but I need your absolute discretion about Joe. He is one of a kind and I don't want the authorities doing anything to him, so please don't tell anyone about him and I'll guarantee you the sale today."

The sales girl is still a bit shaken by this but extends her pinkie so you can shake it and says, "Nice to meet you Joe".

You grasp her pinkie and shake it best you can "Nice to meet you", you reply.

Debbie interrupts your pleasantries and says, "So Joe, which ring to you like the best?"

You look them over carefully since you can see every detail at your size and you pick one that has a large center stone with two small stones on each size.

"Good choice", the salesgirl tells you, "That one is on sale this month and marked down to only $3200."

"What?!?", you gasp having no idea about the prices of diamonds, "That will eat up almost all my car fund."

"Don't worry", Debbie replies patting you on the head, "You don't need a car when you have my purse and if you still really want a car I'm sure we will have enough money to stop by the toy store and get you a nice car your size."

Both Debbie and the salesgirl laugh at her joke and Debbie continues, "We'll take it today if I can give you a check."

"Sure, a check will be fine", the girl replies as she puts the rings back into the showcase, "and I have something else I have to show you."

"OK", Debbie says as they both walk over to another counter leaving you behind.

"What about me?" you say but they both ignore you and you are left standing there by yourself. You look around the store and there are other people working there and browsing but no one nearby. You see an attractive sales woman in her thirties walk right by you and you think to call out to her but you change your mind and she passes by without noticing you. You admire her behind and legs as she walks away when you hear a sound in front of you. You spin around and it is a little girl who must be with her mother in the store and wandered off. She is barely as tall as the counter. She smiles at you and you know you are trapped with no where to go. Her hand comes up to reach for you and you brace for her grip but you are saved at the last minute by Debbie who saw what was happening and says, "Do you dare touch him little girl". The girl withdraws her hand and Debbie continues, "Now go find your mother" and the girl runs off across the store.

Debbie is wearing a silver necklace with a broad hoop at the end in silver. "This is only $50. Think of this as your make-up present that you never got me."

"Fine, fine", you say not wanting to discuss the money after she just blew through most of your car fund.

She pays the bill and the clerk thanks her over and over saying, "By the way if you ever need a sitter for your little fiance give me a call. My cell is on the back of the receipt." Debbie puts the checkbook back in her purse and closes it leaving you to wonder why she didn't put you away.

Your answer comes quickly as she picks you up and slips you through the hoop of her new necklace. Your legs and body pass through but she forces your arms outside the hoop and you end up suspended like you are in a life ring in the pool only you are in mid-air. You dangle there just above her breasts and Debbie says, "and best of all the chain is adjustable so I can do this...." She reaches behind her neck to adjust the chain and you are lower down below her neckline and between her breasts hidden from view. "Now I can take you anywhere I go", she says as she turns to leave the store wearing her new ring, the necklace and you dangling between her breasts.

Debbie decided to ...

Your choices:

  1. Go home to show off her ring
  2. Go get lunch with her friend Lindsey

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