Debbie Returns - Decision Time

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By: northgate

Debbie returns early and she jumps in bed with you. Her fingers come up and lay with you. You struggle to break free as she tickles you but it is hopeless to escape her. She stops after a little while and says, "Sorry but I really missed you. So do you think everything over? What do you want to do?"

You know that staying with Debbie is the best option. You have no where else to go and you trust she will take care of you. You get down on a knee and look up at her, "Debbie, will you do me the honor of being my wife?"

She grabs you up and raises you to her face in the palm of her hand and kisses you across the body. "You are so cute proposing. Of course, I will marry you.", she says with a big smile, "and now you can stay here with me. This is wonderful."

She is in a great mood for the remainder of the day. You talk, watch TV together and she even makes you a tiny dinner and you eat together at the kitchen table. Well, you are on the kitchen table but still it is the best you've had since shrinking.

Her sister Stacey comes home while you are eating and looks you over again. "He's still here? When is he going home?", she sneers.

"He's staying here with me.", Debbie replies, "We are engaged and he's going to stay in my room."

"You're going to marry a toy man.", Stacey laughs, "I can't wait to see that wedding. It might take him an hour to walk down the aisle or you could carry him. He's too tiny to do anything."

You stand up on the table and look at her. "I may be little but I love your sister and we'll make it work."

She stands in front of the table and you are looking at her belly button piercing again so you look up at her smiling down at you. She takes her index finger and middle finger and walk them across the table imitating a man walking up to you and you notice her manicured pink nails approaching you. Her index finger comes up and kicks you in the groin and you fall over in agony. "See weaker than my little finger", she sneers.

Debbie comes over and picks you up, "Oh my God, what is the matter with you Stace. You could have hurt him.

Stacey turns and leaves. "Get real Debbie. You can't marry that toy."

Debbie holds you and asks you if you are alright and you say yes although the pain still stings. She sets you down and goes on a rant about her sister and what an ass she is.

It is getting late and the two of you are watching TV when Debbie's mom comes home. She drops her things off on the table and joins you in front of the TV. "So Debbie, what's new?", she asks ignoring you for the moment.

Debbie turns to her and says, "Joe proposed and I said yes. We're engaged. Isn't that fantastic?", she tells her mom.

Debbie mom, Karen, looks down at you on the sofa with Debbie and says, "Congratulations. I didn't think Joe was ready. I'm ready surprised. So, let me see the ring."

Debbie and you look at each other confused for a moment. "I didn't get one", Debbie says.

"Well you're not really engaged until you have an engagement ring so you'll need to do that soon.", Karen tells you and Debbie, "I understand it's hard for Joe to get around so I'll give you until Sunday to show me the ring." She gets up to leave and says, "Good night and welcome to the family" as she leaves.

Your choices:

  1. Debbie Solves the Ring Problem

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