Breakfast with Debbie

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By: northgate

You wake up to the noise of Debbie moving around the bedroom. You wipe your eyes and find yourself on a pillow in her bed. She must have already showered and is wearing shorts and a t-short. She sees you are awake and comes over to the bed. "Good morning, sleepyhead. Ready for some breakfast?"

You stretch and nod yes. You are anxious to eat a real meal.

She comes over and scoops you up and says, "Great, I think my mom is making waffles today" and she takes you over to her desk and sets you down as she looks through the top drawer.

You forgot that Debbie still lives in her mother's house with her younger sister. This is a problem as you don't want them to see you like this. ""This is not a good situation", you think to yourself. "Ummm, Debbie", you start, "I don't think your mom is going to be to happy that you have a guy living in your bedroom in her house. Even if we are back together."

"Don't worry", Debbie tells you, "She's not that mean. In your condition, how could she not let you stay? She'll be fine." She rummages around the drawer and extracts your boxer shorts and t-shirt that you had been wearing yesterday Se hands them to you and says, "Here you better get dressed. I don't think my mom is quite that understanding."

She carries you down in her hand and goes into the kitchen and directly sits down at the table. She keeps you in her hand below the table. You hear the usual good mornings and chit chat and you recognize the other voices as her mom and sister, Stacey. Finally, there is a break in the conversation and Debbie says, "Mom, I have some important news but you better come over here and sit down."

Her mother comes over and sits at the table and you can tell from Debbie's announcement that she is worried. "What is it?", she asks.

"Don't worry mom", Debbie starts out, "It's nothing bad but it may be a bit shocking. First, I wanted to let you know that I got back together with Joe yesterday. But that's not the shocking part. You see Joe was in an accident and I'm going to help him out too."

"Really?", her mother asked. I wasn't sure if she was more curious about why we got back together or what had happened to me. "What happened to Joe", she asks almost on cue.

"Well it might be better if I show you", Debbie replies as she pulls her hand out and sets you standing on table between her and her mom.

"What the fuck!", her sister Stacey exclaims upon seeing him.

Her mother turns to her and says "Watch your mouth, your not to old for me to wash it out with soap." She turns back to Debbie and asks, "How is this possible?"

"It's complicated. It was a university science experiment gone wrong and if the people responsible get him he'll be a lab rat for the rest of his life. They don't want thier mistakes to come out in the public or they will lose their funding", Debbie replies.

"Wow, she is a good liar", you think.

Her mom thinks for a moment and says, I need some time to sort this out. Let me get you both breakfast". You get a plastic medicine cup to drink from which is like drinking from a tub and a small square of a waffle and a piece of bacon which is more than you can eat.

As her mother is clearing the dishes, Stacey slides over to her mother's seat to check you out. Although she was a couple years younger than Debbie, she was a few inches bigger and quite a looker. Even now in her pajamas she looked pretty good. She watches you without saying a word and then suddenly decides to give you a poke with her index finger knocking you down.

"Cut it out, Stacey", Debbie tells her, "He's been though enough already."

Stacey looks at you and says, "He looks pretty weak to me. He probably couldn't stand a fight with a mouse." She come closer until her head is right in front of you and you can feel her breath, "So Debbie, how do you two do it?"

"Shut up Stacey", Debbie tells her, "You are so crude sometimes."

"Sorry. I was just curious", Stacey answers as she stand up to leave and you catch a glimpse of her pierced belly button with a dangling charm hanging from it as there is a gap between her shirt which is a bit too short and her pants. She leaves much to your relief but is quickly replaced by her mother.

"Well I thought it over and I know that Joe's situation isn't good", she says, "but I can't have a man living in my daughter's room no matter what size he is. He'll have to find somewhere else to live for now."

"Mom that is so unfair", Debbie tells her, "He needs me and if he goes anywhere else he could get hurt or killed. Do you want that on your conscience? Please think about this."

Her mom thinks and says, "Look it is not like you are married or at least engaged. You just got back together"

Debbie says, OK, what if we were engaged? You just said that would be ok. So if we are engaged you could let Joe stay?"

Her mom relents against her better judgment and says, "OK if and when you get engaged then Joe can stay here. Otherwise he needs to be out by tonight."

"Thank you mom", Debbie exclaims as she grabs you up in her fist and reaches over to kiss her mom. "We are going to work this out. Thank you." With that comment she carries you back to her room and sets you on the bed. "OK, so it is settled. All you have to do to propose to me and you can stay. Don't worry, we don't have to set a date or rush into anything. It's just a formality so you can say here."

You tell her, "Getting engaged is a big thing and we need to think about this. Your mom is right about us just getting back together. Please give me to dinner time to think this over."

Debbie doesn't look to happy that you didn't immediately propose to her but she understands your reasoning. "OK little guy, I have classes today so I need to go over to the university anyway. That will give you time but we need to settle this before dinnertime otherwise you better think of where I'll be dropping you off tonight." Debbie gathers her backpack and gives you a good bye kiss before she leaves for class.

"She makes a good point", you think. You don't have any family in town and you have no interest in staying at any of your guy friend's places. You are in a tough situation.

You sit back on the bed with your back against the pillow and think about your situation. Some time passes and the door opens and it's ....

Your choices:

  1. Debbie
  2. Debbie's mom

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