Debbie Softens Up

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By: northgate

Debbie carries you back into the bedroom and sits down on the bed with you. She looks over your naked body and smiles at you. "Sorry for being tough on you Joe, but I had so much pent up anger about our break-up. I really liked you but I didn't want to be with a guy who didn't like me for who I was and would always be looking at other girls. The good news is that you'll solved that problem for me. I am plenty big for you and you won't be checking out other girls anymore. You can live here and be my little bitty boyfriend. Won't that be awesome?", she asks as she lightly strokes your body with her index finger.

You're not sure how to react. She's been pretty pushy since getting you but maybe that was the initial shock of having you in the palm of her hand. "It'll will be great to be with you again.", you tell her waiting to see where this leads. "Can I have my clothes back now?", you ask.

"No", she answers with a soft poke, "You don't need any clothes in my bedroom. I like you all naked and cute. We can play dress up if you need to go out or see anybody else."

"Hmmm", you think to yourself, "She may be my nice girlfriend but she is still in charge. You remember when you dated she always had to get her way. It was just back then it would be what restaurant or movie and you just gave in but this was different, it's your life.". You decide to play along since the alternative would be to go back to Lindsey or out on the street. "I really scared being this small and helpless. Please don't leave me alone", you tell her hoping to gain some sympathy.

It seems to work as she tells you to say on the bed and she will have a special treat for you. You decide to behave for now and wait. She goes into the bathroom to change. She emerges a few minutes later in a pink baby boll lingerie that was your favorite and stands at full height in front of you. She puts her arms behind her head and twists side to side. "You like?", she asks.

You get an almost instant boner and she sees it and giggles. She kneels at the bed so her head is level with you and swoops in with a kiss across your body. She backs off a little but you can feel her warm breath across your body. She comes close again and her tongue comes out and licks your boner. You fall on to your back on the bed from the shock and she immediately descends upon you with kisses and licks.

She climbs on the bed and is on all fours with her head right over you. "Poor little Joe", she says, "You are so tiny and helpless. Are you still scared by your big Debbie? I don't think so. I think you are turned on by me." She gives your boner another lick. "Right?", she asks.

You nod weakly. She is intoxicating to you and you can't resist her when she gets like this and she knows it which is probably one of the reasons she always got her way. She lies on her side and pulls you close to her breast. You can feel her warm skin through the silk material and her hand holds you close to her.

Your choices:

  1. You fall asleep with Debbie

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