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By: northgate

You eagerly say "Yes!" and turn to go to Debbie anxious to tell her how sorry you are to to beg her to take you back and help you escape this hell. You see Debbie smiling at you as you cross the floor and she leans forward in your direction. From your perspective she's over 100 yards from you but you are determined to get to her as fast as you can. You are about half way there and a shadow falls over you and fingers grab you up off the floor and high in the air.

It's Macy and she squeezed you in her fist so you are enable to even yell out to Debbie. "My, my, what a disobedient little shit. I only asked you a question not give you permission. You will need to be punished." She tells you are she carries you back to the kitchen. She chains your legs together and hangs you upside down from her key hook on the wall. "Now not another word out of you or your punishment will be worse", she tells you as she leaves to return to her guests.

You can hear Lindsey laughing at your situation. She says, "He's a stupid little shit that will never learn and deserves worse than what Macy is doing to him. You should just let her keep him as a toy." Debbie seems to feel sorry for you but Macy and Lindsey tell her it is for his own good. If he runs wild and does learn to obey those bigger than him, he'll end up getting himself killed. You hang there miserable as the conversation moves on to other things on no interest to you.

It is late when they finally leave and Macy comes in to see you. She removes you from the hook and holds you dangling upside down in front of her face. "You made me look bad tonight.", she growls at you, "I told them how well trained you were and the first chance you get you turn your back to me and disobey me. I just don't know how I should punish you. Perhaps it's time I snip your balls off. That would make you a bit more docile."

"No! Please mistress", you wail, "I am sorry. It was a mistake. I misunderstood you. I thought you wanted me to go to her. Please forgive me."

"Enough excuses", she yells at you shaking the chain and you in the process. "I know what to do with you. I'm going to give you a test. You will need to embrace me or you will die tonight. She carries you to her bathroom and deposits you in the sink and she sits down on the toilet and takes a dump. She stands up and looks into the toilet and says, "Perfect, I nice big floater" as she picks you up and drops you in the toilet bowl with her turd. She smiles down at you and says, "Now you can tread water in there or grab my beautiful poop to keep you warm and afloat. It's your choice." She laughs at you and adds, "hopefully I won't forget about you and flush you tomorrow. Nighty night" and she closes the lid plunging you in darkness.


Your choices:

  1. Surviving the night

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