Macy Returns From Partying

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By: northgate

Macy returns home and comes in the kitchen to look for you. She opens the jar that you are trapped in and plucks you out between her fingers and holds you up to her face. You can smell the alcohol on her breath as she looks you over. "Did you miss me?", she asks you, "Did you dream of me while I was gone"

"Yes Mistress", you answer obediently not wanting to upset her.

"Is my slave hot for his mistress from dreaming about her for hours?", she asks you. She extends her arm out so you can see her body. "Do you think my outfit is sexy and does it get you horny for me slave".

:Yes Mistress", you reply again worried a bit about what evil she has in mind this time. "You are the most beautiful woman in the world. You are all I think about you", you tell her trying to make it sound convincing and hopefully get some mercy.

"Well maybe you can show me", she says as she carries you back into the living room. She sits on the sofa and drops you to the floor in front of her. She slips off her sexy heels and wiggles her toes in front of you. "Show your mistress how you feel about her and tell me what you feel too.", she tells you.

You know the game by now and get on your knees and say, "Please mistress allow me to cover your foot with my kisses" knowing that she wants you to ask for permission.

"I am a kind mistress", she replies, "and I know how much you desire me. Go ahead and kiss but don't forget to lick the dirt and sweat from between my toes."

You immediately launch in kissing and licking her foot clean. "Every inch of your body is more beautiful than any thing else I've ever seen", you tell her laying it on thick. "Your toes are sweeter than honey", you tell her as you lick the dirt and sweat away. Inside you are disgusted but you know is is your only chance to get food water and maybe a decent place to sleep.

She uses her toes to play with you but you keep working away. "I saw Debbie tonight", she tells you while you work, "She asked how you were doing."

"Debbie who?", you say knowing that is the response she wants, "My mistress is my world and her feet are my love. I don't know of anyone else." As you speak you hear a giggle behind you and you pause for a moment and turn to look. You see Debbie and her friend Lindsey sitting on chairs across from you. They were there the whole time and watched the show you have been putting on.

Debbie says, "I thought he loved me but I guess he'd much rather belong to you" She sounds almost disappoint at your actions. Lindsey answers her saying, "Maybe being her foot slave is a good place for him although I think the job is still too good for him. If he was kissing my foot I'd slowly crush him to death."

Macy sees your reaction and asks "Slave.... Do you want to go over and kiss Debbie foot too?"

Your choices:

  1. You say Yes and go to Debbie
  2. You say "Debbie who?" and resume kissing her foot

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