Macy's Torture Continues

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By: northgate

You hand from te key hook for hours until Macy returns and you are actually relived to see her. "I"m glad to see you're where I left you, slave", she tells you as she takes you down and replaces the keys on the hook. She takes you to the kitchen and puts you down on the counter and you stretch your sore muscles. She gets a medicine cup and fills it with water from the sink placing it near you.

"May I drink the water, mistress?", you ask her careful not to repeat any of your previous mistakes.

"Yes, drink up my tiny slave.", she tells you, "and next I'll give you your lunch." She takes some fruit from her refrigerator and eats it at the counter while watching you try to drink the water. When she is done eating she picks you up unexpectedly and carries you to her living room where she sits on a couch and drops you on the coffee table in front of her. You watch as she removes her sneakers and them follows by removing her socks and dropping them on the floor. She brings her feet up onto the coffee table near you. She picks up the TV remote and flips it on to some reality TV show. You turn to see what it is but her foot comes up and knocks you over.

"No TV for you tiny. It's time for your lunch. My toes get dirty and sweaty from my work out and I need you to clean them with that tiny tongue of yours." She spreads her toes in front of you and says, "Do a good job and I may even reward you with someplace soft to sleep."

"Yes, mistress", you say knowing she has been planning far worse torture for you. You start by licking between her first two toes and sweaty dirt makes you nauseous. When you think you are done you stop for a moment before going to the next one and she closes her toes on your head squeezing it. You try to break free but her grip is too tight.

"I could squeeze more and pop your hear like a grape, tiny slave", she tells you with a icy tone, "but that would be an easy out for you. There is not easy out. I own you and I'll be my personal play thing for as long as I see fit. You have no control anymore. Now I need you to be more enthusiastic about licking my toe jam, like it is the best thing you ever tasted and love it. Do you understand, slave?"

"Yes Mistress", you intone and she releases you to get back to your job that you do with the must enthusiasm you can muster. When you finish you collapse on the table wishing you could get back to that cup of water on the counter again to wash the stench from your mouth. You watch as she reaches under her t-shirt and removes her sport bra that she drops on the couch next to her.

"Good job slave. That was better.", she tells you. She smiles at you and lifts up her shirt and you see two enormously gorgeous DD breasts. "You like those?", she asks you as she lowers her shirt back down.

"Yes, mistress. They are the most fantastic breasts I have ever seen", you tell her hoping you can get on her good side.

"Well maybe some day, if you are reallllyyyy good", she tells you in the sweetest voice you have heard since arriving in this hell, "I'll let you cover them in tiny kisses. Would you like that?"

"Yes, Mistress. More than anything in the world!" you tell her getting your hopes up a bit more.

"Well then show me how well you kiss", she says, "I want you to make out with my big toe. Hug it, kiss it and make out with it like it is the most beautiful girl in the world .... which I suppose is me. Right, slave?"

You know not to screw up a good situation and good to work immediately. You are facing the bottom of her toe and you wrap your arms around it and give it a big hug. You repeatedly kiss the bottom of her toe while saying, "I love you mistress. You are the most beautiful girl in the world" along with anything else you can think off.

She lets you do this for quite a while but when she gets tired of the game she give her foot a shake and you fall onto your back on the table top. "Now my toe wants to hug you back", she says evilly as she lowers her foot with the big toe in your face over your body and presses down on you. "Oh, my big likes to be on top just like me", she laughs, "Don't stop kissing", she tells you.

You do your best to comply to her orders but it is hard and you feel like she will crush you with the slightest movement of her foot. When she finally releases you she grabs you up off the table and carries you back in the kitchen where she drops you back in the jar. "I need to take a shower and get changed. I'm going to see Debbie. Would you like to come and see her?", she asks you.

"No mistress. You are my world and I don't know of anyone else", you tell her not wanting to end up on the key hook again.

"Good answer", she replies. She takes the medicine cup that still has some water in it and pours it in with you. "Thank you Mistress", you tell her and get on your hands and knees and lap it up off the bottom of the jar like a dog.

"You're welcome slave and I have one more thing for you." she says as she goes back in the other room and you finish licking up the water. She comes back with her sweaty sock that she wore to work out and stuffs it into the jar on top of you. "I did promise you someplace soft to sleep", she laughs as she screws that lid back on, "Now sweet dreams and make sure you dream of no one but me and don't forget them.
When I come home, I want you to tell me all about your dream of me."

She sits the jar of a shelf and leaves you to get ready for a night out with Debbie and her friends.

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