Next Morning with Macy

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By: northgate

You awaken to the jar being tuned sideways you you sliding out and landing on the kitchen table with a thud. You hear Macy say, "Hello slave. " You slowly stand up with your ankles still chained and stretch as best you can. "Are you happy to see me, this morning or would you rather Debbie be here?", she asks you.

"What?", you answer half asleep.

"Wrong answer", she roars and flick her finger into your groin causing you to drop to your knees in pain. "Try again, slave. Happy to see me?", she asks again.

"Yes, Mistress. There is nothing I want to see other than your beautiful face", you tell her.

"Better", she says, "I expect you to improve each day. I'd rate that response a 2 out of 10. I expect better tomorrow." She drops a corn flake next to you and says, "Here's your breakfast, enjoy slave".

You are starving and grab it up and bite into it but immediately her fingers descend on you knocking you over a flicking you in the groin again, this time much harder and you cry out.

"Slave has to thank his mistress and ask permission to eat. You better learn that soon.", she says as she picks up the corn flake and throws it in the trash. "Too bad, You looked pretty hungry. If you are good I may let you eat my toe jam later. Would you like that?", she says with the same cruel smile.

You just hang your head and look dejected in silence from losing your breakfast.

"When I ask you a question, I expect a response", she yells at you, "I think you need some more time out to think about that while I go to the gym". She picks you up and carries you across the kitchen where her car keys are hanging on the wall. She takes the car keys off a hook and replaces them with you hanging you upside down by the chain attached to your ankles. "I told you I have worse places than that jar and I have worse places than this. You better improve if you don't want to visit them next. Now when I get back I want to hear three new reasons why you love being my slave.", she laughs as she grabs her workout bag and leaves you hanging as she walks out the door to her car.

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  1. Three Hours Later (with Macy)

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