Learning Discipline from Mistress Macy

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By: northgate

When you get to Macy's she takes you out and sets you down on a damp rag. You notice the odor and a moment later you pass out from the fumes. When you wake you don't know how much time has passed but you immediately notice that on your ankles were a golden link. Attached to each was a spring loaded clasp and a single link between them keeping your legs closely bound together. Your arms are bound behind your back by what you assume is a similar set up. You are in what you take for Macy's living room on the floor in the center of a paper plate. You try to move but you are only able to right yourself up on your knees.

A few minutes later you feel the vibration of footsteps and Macy enters the room. She towers over you and looks incredibly sexy in tight shorts and a matching skimpy top. She stops right in front of the plate with her feet on each side of you. She is wearing platform heels so even her toes are higher than you. "I see you are awake", she says, "Good, you have a lot to learn now so listen closely. I own you now and you will address me as Mistress when I speak to you. Do you understand?"

"Yes", you reply but she don't like your answer and her foot flips the plate send you flying onto the carpet.

"It's Yes Mistress, slave", she tells you obviously annoyed. She positions her right foot directly in front of you and asks, "Now, who do you belong to, slave?"

You figure the next time she'll punt you across the room with that massive shoe and you better play along for now. "I belong to you, Mistress", you tell her.

"Good", she replies, "Now I want you to kiss me and tell me how happy you are that I am your mistress."

You slowly get back on your knees as best you can and she edges her foot closer. Her big toe just protrudes past the front of the shoe and the front of it is level with your face. "What a mistake", you think as you lean it and kiss the tip of her toe. "I can't hear you, slave.", she tells you and you respond, "You are the most beautiful mistress in the world. You are so kind to take me in as your slave. All I want to be is yours."

"Keep kissing and tell me more", she orders you and you continue kissing her toe and telling her, "My only purpose is to serve you and make you happy. There is no one better than you."

She smiles down at you groveling at her feet with a cruel smile. She moves her foot slightly and the front of her show knocks you over on your side. She squats down directly over you so your field of vision is filled with her gigantic sexy body. "I know you are lying.", she says, "Only telling me what I want to hear but I can't expect anything more the first day." She picks you up by the legs and dangles your puny helpless body in front of her face as she stands back up. "Someday", she says with her breath washing over you, "You will beg to kiss my toe and you will say those words and mean them." She carries you into the kitchen and drops you in a mason jar. She screws on a lid with holes punched in the top and studies you lying in the bottom of the jar. "Forget your life before this day. It is over. You belong to me and I won't be as careless as Debbie was with you. You will be mine for as long as I will have you.

It wasn't until night that she came back for him. She unscrewed the cap and turned the jar sideways with him tumbling out onto the counter top. She placed a tiny bowl in from of you with a horrible smelling drink "Drink, slave", she orders and you are too sore and thirsty to ignore her. You crawl over to the bowl and lap up the liquid like a dog drinking from a bowl. The liquid is warm and salty and tastes worse than the smell. "Isn't my piss sweet, slave", she laughs after you've drank. "Now would you like me to free your arms?", she asks.

"Yes, please mistress", you reply hoping for the best.

"OK", she tells you, "but you have to drink every drop that's left in that bowl. If you fail that jar will seem like paradise". Her fingertip pushes you face down on the counter while she removes the chain from behind your back leaving only the links on your wrists.

You crawl over to the bowl not wanting to disappoint her and give her a reason to punish you and lift it to your lips and drink what is remaining. You put it back down and say, "Thank you Mistress"

She picks you up in the palm of her hand and asks you, "Do you miss, Debbie?"

You looks up into her big eyes and stare at her, "Debbie who, mistress?"

Very good", she smiles, "That was the right answer" as she dumps you from her palm back into jar closing the lid on you and placing you back on the counter. "Sleep well, slave" she says as she leaves the room as shuts off the light leaving you in darkness.

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