Debbie Friend Finds You

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By: northgate

You turn and see a girl you don't know reaching for you with a big smile on her face. You try to retreat but her hand is quicker and she grabs you in her fist and stands up with you. "Look what I found. A little naked man and he's a cutey."

She has straight shoulder length brown hair with streaks of dirty blond and big brown eyes. She has a mischievous look about her and you are a bit worried especially when she says to Debbie, "I found him. Do I get to keep him too?"

"You want to come home with me, tiny?", she asks you as her hot breath washes over you. "You did break up with Debbie and she never did take you back so you're free to be my little bitty boyfriend. What do you think of these?" she asks and lowers you a bit in front of her two massive boobs.

Debbie comes over and looks down at you. "So what do you think? I offered to take you back and you tried to run away from me. Would you like to go home with Macy instead?"

You see Macy next to Lindsey and she has a good six inches on her making her seem even more of a giantess and turn on to you. Debbie made you massage her feet and stuck you in her boot for the night almost suffocating you. How much worse could Macy be?

You decide to take a chance and say, "I want to go home with Macy"

"OK", Debbie says with a smile instantly making you nervous. She turns to Macy and says, "Have fun and you can just let me know when you are done with him and I'll come get him."

Macy holds you up and smiles at you. "We are going to have so much fun and you're going to learn all about discipline. When I get done with you, you'll be a good obedient boy for Debbie." she says and thrusts you in her bag. You are trapped at the bottom of her over sized bag as she says good bye to Debbie and her other friend and goes to her car to drive home.

Your choices:

  1. Learning Discipline from Mistress Macy

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