Caged by Debbie

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By: northgate

You don't want any more punishments so you do your best to run in the wheel and make it turn and she claps her hands and tells you "Faster, faster!" You try going faster but it wasn't really meant for a little man so you struggle to go faster. Debbie opens the metal bar door in the top of the cage and reaches in to spin the wheel faster with her fingers that manages to cause you to fall and get tumbled around in the wheel as you hear her laughing.

"That was fun", she says when she extracts her hand, "You'll need to practice when I'm not home. Now I have to go out and take care of big people things but I'll be back tonight and maybe we can find some games to play or you can do tricks for me.", she tells you. "One more thing", she says and she takes out a small lock and locks the door of your cage. "Just in case you decide to go wander off or anyone comes in here and tries to take you", she adds as she gets up and leaves.

You sit there miserable in cage in your ex-girlfriend's room reduced to being her pet and forced to entertain her. You can see her alarm clock from your cage and hours go by before she returns at night. She unlocks the cage and lifts you out and onto her desk. "Did you miss me", she asks with a goofy grin.

"Yes", you reply, "I was alone and bored in a cage."

"Well you should think about me when you're alone. I want you to come up with things to entertain me or games we can play. Any ideas yet?", she says and after a pause continues "We can do the exercise wheel again" and her hand reaches for you.

"No, no", you say backing up desperately trying to come up with an idea, "Let's play a game."

"I have cards", she tells you, "but I don't think you can hold them or deal or shuffle for that matter. How about backgammon? I have a little travel set that should be the right size for you."

"You hadn't played this game in a long time and you didn't like it back when you did so you say, "I don't know about this". "Well I could teach you how to give me a pedicure instead", she offered and you quick respond with "Let's set up the board"

You start to play the game but rolling even tiny dice are a chore for you and she ends up rolling for you. She beats you three games in a row and jokes that maybe your brain shrank too before deciding it is bed time and putting you back in your cage. You watch as she crosses the room and changes into her pajamas. She comes back over and tells you, "I know you were watching me change, you little horn dog". I have something for you to show I'm not totally mean." She hold up a pair of silk panties that she was just wearing and drops them through the cage door on top of you. "You can use them to make a bed to sleep on and dream about me. I want you to dream all about how you were wrong to break up with me and that all that happened to you and how you ended up as my little pet is because of what you did to me and most important I want you to remember that you belong to me forever."

She laughed and locked the cage door before turning off the light and going to sleep.

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