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By: northgate

Debbie thanks her friends for helping to find you put decides they'll have to wait for another time to play with you. They say their good-byes and leave and Debbie turns her attention to you. She carries you back to her bedroom where she takes a length of string and ties it around your ankles leaving a length of a few inches at the end. She smiles at her work as she dangles you upside down by the ankles spinning the string between her fingertips. "This is for trying to run away from me. You won't get too far like this."

"Please stop and put me down", you plea to her, "I'm sorry but this whole situation is screwing with my head. I won't try and run away again. I promise."

"I know you won't run again", she tells you, "I am going to make sure of that." She ties a loop in the other end of the string and hangs you on a hook on the back of her closet door. "Why don't you hang out and wait for me here while I go out for the day.", she giggles as she closes the closet door leaving you in darkness hanging upside down helplessly.

You try and pull yourself up to reach your feet but it is hopeless. Even if you could free yourself it would be a huge fall to the floor of the closet where you can't see what is down there. So you give up and hang for what seems like and endless torture.

It isn't until after dinner that Debbie comes to retrieve you. She removes you from the closet hook and cradles you in her palm as she carries you back to her desk. :Did my little man learn not to run away from his mistress", she coos at you smiling, "I brought you something too", She lies you down on her desk still bound at the ankles and you see a napkin with small pieces of bread and meatloaf from her dinner along with a tall glass of water with some chipped ice in it. She pours some water into the bottle cap and sets it next to you. You crawl over and get on your knees to start eating and drinking.

"I want you to see that I'm not a terrible person. You just need to behave and obey me.", she tells you while hoovering overhead and watching you while you eat. "The sooner you learn that the better off you will be as my little pet."

You stop eating and look up at her. "I'm a man not your pet", you tell her. "There has to be a way for me to get back to normal and I need you to help me find it."

Her finger descends on you and gives you a poke knocking you back over on your side. She strokes your side keeping you from getting back up and says, "You will be my pet or toy or slave or whatever else I want you to be at any given time. For now on I do own you and you'll do whatever I want you to and I will do whatever I need to to make sure you stay my little tiny forever." She pauses allowing you to get up a resume eating. She continues to watch you and says, "Well maybe I won't keep you forever. After all I might meet a real man and get married some day. If that happens, I'll find you a new mistress, maybe one of my single friends or one of my younger cousins. I'm sure any girl would love a toy like you."

You finish eating and ask her, "Can you at least untie my feet?" I would love to stretch my legs."

You'll get a chance to do that later", she answers, "but first you need your second punishment. Your afternoon hanging around in my closet was for running away which by the way I went easy on you. Next time I might just break your ankle instead. Tonight is your punishment for getting a hard on for Mindy and Macy. First I want you get as least as hard for me."

She lays you down on her desk on your back and brings her head right over you letting her warm breath wash over you Her lips are mere inches away from your member and she makes a kiss. You can imagine those lips and that kiss on your penis and grab hold stroking back and forth quickly getting a hard on. She pulls her head back and watches you smiling. "That's right. Get it nice and big but don't release yet."

You keep going just about to blow I giant load when she says, "I know just what you need" and you feel yourself getting pulled in the air as she grabs the string attached to your ankles. You lose your grip of your member right before you were able to finish and find yourself dangling in front of her face . "I nice cold shower to calm you down", she laughs as she lowers you down headfirst into the ice cold glass of water that she brought in with your dinner.

You try and hold your breath but your lungs burn and you think you are going to vomit up your dinner when she raises you back up from the icy torture. "You going to get a hard on in front of my friends again?", she asks and you blurt out "it wasn't my fault". "Wrong answer", she says plunging you back into the water. You have already lost your hard on from the first dunking and you just hope to survive this. When she lifts you out again you yell, Please stop. I'm sorry for getting hard in front of your friends." She frowns at you, "Thanks for the apology but that wasn't what I asked you." Again she submerges you but this time just past your shoulders. You feel her take your penis between her fingers and give it a little squeeze which to you feels like she's going to pull it off. When she pulls you up the third time you don't need another hint and say, "No, I will never get hard in front of your friends again.

"Very good", she says as she takes you in her fist to warm you up. "Next time you see my friends, I have a special precaution that will prevent that will keep that from happening." She wraps you in an extra napkins she has to keep you warm and you lies you down on the desk. You lie there helpless with your legs bound and wrapped in the napkin and she asks, "Are you comfortable there or are you ready for me to let you stretch a bit"?

Her comment makes you remember how sore you are and you say, "Please untie me. I'd like to stretch a bit."

"OK", she says smiling but first I have another present for you. She reaches down on the floor and lifts up a bag. You watch as she extracts the contents out of the bag which is a colorful plastic critter cage with metal bar sides and a metal bar door on the top. It is complete with a water bottle and an exercise wheel. She sets it on the desk next to you and you are sick to your stomach. She then picks you up and carefully unties the string from your ankles which she follows by opening the metal gate in the top and lowering you. She then lowers in a small bowl of sand that she places in the corner and explains is your potty. She takes out the water bottle to fill it and tells you, "Now get on the exercise wheel and show me how good you can make that thing go. She leaves to fill the bottle in the bathroom and you look at the green tinted plastic wheel in the middle of the cage. At this point you just wished you were back in the harem.

She comes back and clips the now full bottle back to the side of the cage and and also secures the door in the top with a spring loaded clip to ensure you weren't getting out. "Come on", she urges you, "Get on the wheel and show me what you got. You look at the wheel again and decide to ....

Your choices:

  1. Get on it and go to make her happy
  2. Draw the line and tell her no.

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