Debbie Finds You

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By: northgate

Debbie reaches out and grabs you up in a fist before you can escape her reach. She stands up and smiles down at you, "I was worried about you my little toy. You could have gotten stepped by my mom or my sister could have done even worse to you. You need to listen to me."

By now her two friends have joined you and all three are looking down at you. "There are my friends, Macy and Mindy", she tells you as they walk into the kitchen.

"Can we see him? Can we hold him?", you hear her friends plea and Debbie drops you on the table and then goes to get a drink. Her friends are upon you in no time like hungry wolves poking an prodding you. "Oooo, he's naked", one says and he still has all his equipment", giggles the other. You are knocked on your ass when one pokes you and you try to crawl away. A hand comes down and blocks your path and sweeps you close to her. She has brown hair with dark blond streaks about shoulder length hair and big boobs. You guess she is several inches taller than Debbie. "Don't be afraid, tiny. We just want to play with you."

You try to take control and stand up and say, "Sorry you just took me by surprise. I'm Joe. Are you Macy or Mindy?" Her eyes are wide and her smile just makes you want to run away. You glance over and see Mindy close by ready to swoop in if you try running. You also see Debbie has left the room and you are worried. "Nice to meet you two, Where did Debbie go?", you ask.

The moment you looked away Macy's hand comes down behind you and her open palm makes contact with your back, her thumb pivots and pressing against your mid-section pinning you in place. She lifts you off the table and up to her face. "I'm Macy, she's Mindy", she responds to your first question. "Sorry we scared you but we just want to get to know you better." She lowers you down so you can see her neckline and her breasts. "You're so little. I bet these seem huge to you."

You need to get back in control and say "Put me down. This isn't funny."

"Come on, Macy, you're scaring him. Let me see him before Debbie gets back.", Mindy chimes in.

Macy looks at you and whispers to you, "Listen tiny, come hang out with me sometime and you'll never regret it. Debbie's nice but nice and boring. I can show the time of your life." She looks at Mindy and says here you go reaching you to drop you into her awaiting palm.

Mindy is a lot shorter probably under 5 foot with dark hair and a touch of Latin features. She hold you flat on your back in her palm. "You poor baby", she says, "Everything must be so big and scary for you." She runs her fingertip down the length of your body lightly stroking you and pausing for a moment at your dick that she brings to full attention. "Ohh, it looks like little Joe likes Mindy." She brings you up to her mouth and gives you a giant kiss across your face.

Debbie walks back in just then and says, "OK where is he." Mindy drops you into Debbie awaiting palm and she sits down at the table and the other girls join her. "What this ?!?", she roars at you. "A hard-on from hanging out with my friends. I ought to rip that off and stuff in in your mouth. No, I'll be nice and I won't hurt you that much but it will be double punishments for you." Her two friend giggle at the comment and you think so much for Mindy being nice. "Now for your first punishment....", she starts to ponder aloud.

Macy interrupts her and says, "I thought you told us that if we help you find him, we'd get to play with him. Let's play first and you can punish him later.

Debbie thinks for a minute and says, "Well my sister will be home any minute so we can do anything right now, maybe next week."

Macy says, "Well then we can go to Mindy and my apartment, No on will interrupt us over there and you can stay as late as you want."

Debbie ...

Your choices:

  1. decides to pass on the offer and move right to punishment time.
  2. decides that Macy's got a good idea.

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