Your Escape Route is Blocked

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By: northgate

You see the cat door has been sealed up since they don't have a cat anymore and your only exit isn't available. You hear an alarm go off upstairs and you know you don't have much time till Debbie comes looking for you. You quickly sprint to the living room and you spy a sofa that sits low enough that you could hide under it without being easily seen. You settle in knowing that if Debbie finds you now there will be hell to pay.

Soon enough Debbie, her sister and mother all come down for breakfast. You're afraid to wonder to close to the front of the sofa in case someone make be looking that way so you just listen waiting for everyone to leave. Her sister and mother leave first and as soon as they are gone, Debbie starts walking slowly around from room to room. "I know you are here somewhere. Come out now and I won't be too hard on you.", she says in a sweet voice, "I was just playing around last night" You position yourself behind a sofa leg just in case she looks underneath. After a while she stomps off saying, "Alright you little shit. I gave you your chance. Now I will find you and when I do you will be sorry."

Eventually she leaves and you are free to come out and look for some food that make be on the kitchen floor. You walk back in and find a small zip lock bag on the floor and you see inside is a Ritz cracker. You pull the slide to open it and get prize inside. When you get it open you pull out the cracker and there is also a small piece of paper folded up inside. You open it up and it reads, "Hi sweetie. I know you are here and I will be back soon to get you." You get nervous and quickly eat the cracker but as you finish you realize you made a big mistake. She will see that you took the cracker and she'll know that you are still there and that you are on the first floor. She will know that the steps are too high for you to get back upstairs.

You know there isn't much else you can do so you retreat make to the sofa and think of a new escape plan. You come up with an idea. You could hide in Debbie's mom's pocketbook when she returns and then she will carry you out to freedom. Then you simply need to climb out and off you go. You just need to wait until night time and climb in the pocketbook and wait for your ride.

A few hours pass when you hear a noise at the door. You can see the front door from the side of the sofa and you watch as Debbie comes in with three of her friends. You see her look around expecting you to try and run out the door when they come in. Good thing that wasn't your plan. She closes and locks the doors. Debbie goes right to the kitchen and sees the empty bag on the floor. You hear her say, "OK girls, he's here somewhere. We just need to find him." They start fanning out and you realize it is only a matter of time before one of them gets you. "Hey, the one who finds him can do whatever they want to him before you give me to me." Now you are really worried.

You are hiding behind a sofa leg and you realize it is too close to the open edge of the sofa and you are better to position yourself at the next leg over. You start to move position when you hear a voice say, "I found him" and you turn to see__________ looking under the sofa at you.

Your choices:

  1. Debbie
  2. One of her Friends

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