Escape Through The Cat Door

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By: northgate

You climb up and push on the door and you are able to ease your way through. You jump down and realize this side was higher off the ground and just out of your reach to go back. It is still dark out and you also realize this may not have been the best idea. There are all kinds of creatures out here and you probably look like a mouse to them. Also you are on the back of Debbie's house and you will need to navigate through her backyard to get around to the front of the house and to the sidewalk but you have no choice. The grass was recently cut so at least it is a bit easier to make you way and you proceed through the yard.

You make it less than half way when you hear a loud flapping sound and a moment later an owls talon's pierce your skin ripping into you as you are lifted high above the yard. You pass out from the pain but it doesn't matter as within a few moments you are torn apart and dead.

The End.

Retrieved September 13, 2016