Escape from the Ugg

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By: northgate

You slowly make progress pulling one sock at a time from the heel section of the boot past you until you get them clearer and you can feel fresh air and see outside her boot above you. You push the socks in a pile to give you something to stand on to make your escape but you are far short of the top so you get the idea to grab the wool lining inside the boot and use it to pull yourself up After a few attempts where you need to rest in between you finally make it to the top and you pull yourself out and sit straddling the top of the boot. You look around and see it is a little after 3 AM and Debbie is asleep in bed nearby. You figure you have at least three hours before she realizes you are missing and you know the front door is locked but ten you remember they used to have a cat and there was act door in the kitchen.

You decide to make the trek rather than staying here and being your ex's slave for life. You lower yourself down hanging on to the top of the boot with the foot section below you and when you let go you tumble down the foot to the carpet. You traverse the floor of her room making your escape. The bedroom door is open a crack letting in a nightlight from the hall and you are able to get out. You walk down the hall hugging the wall just in case someone comes out to go to the bathroom. She lives there with her mother and sister and you don't want to run into either of them. When you get to the steps downstairs you realize this may be harder than you thought. Each step is probably twice your height and you need to make your way down 13 of them. If you miss and start falling, it is a long way down. You look over the first step and it looks like a twelve foot drop down.Fortunately it is carpeted and you slowly lower yourself over the edge while holding on to the carpet. Once you are as far as you can go you let go and drop to the step below.

When you make it to the bottom, you scamper through the dining room and on to the hard floor of the kitchen which finally makes walking a bit easier. You see a clock in the kitchen and it is coming up to 5 AM and you know you have to keep moving. You go past the kitchen table and you see the back door and the cat door is ...

Your choices:

  1. still there
  2. sealed up tight

Retrieved September 13, 2016