Debbie Gives you a "Rest"

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By: northgate

Debbie carries you back to the bedroom and you plea to her to give you a rest. "What's a matter? Is my big beautiful body too much for the widdle man?", she sneers at you. She thinks for a moments and says, "Tell you what, I have a nice cozy place for you to rest." She sits on the side of the bed and reaches down to get one of her Ugg boots. She hold you up to the opening and tells you, "See it's nice and furry and cozy inside so I should get lots of rest for tomorrow." She turns her hand and you go tumbling down inside the boot.

You know she likes to wear these boot without socks and the smell of her foot confirms what you already know. She is looking down at you from the top as you try to gain your bearings. "Have a look around", she laughs as she tilts th boot forward sending you tumbling into the toe section. "See nice and cozy", you hear her say from above.

Suddenly it gets dark as she stuffs her sweat socks from earlier in the day down into the boot blocking your exit and any chance of fresh air. "Nighty night", she says as she sets the boot down next to her bed as she goes about her other business.

You ...

Your choices:

  1. settle in and make the best of it.
  2. try and push past the socks to get to the back of the boot and fresh air

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