Debbie's Third Rule

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By: northgate

Debbie shudders at your touch so you know you have an effect on her but instead of enjoying your treatment she grabs you up in her fist and lifts you to her face.. "I didn't give you permission to touch me down there. You're a naughty little boy and I have to punish you for that. Let's make that Rule #3 - You don't touch me unless I tell you to. Now how do I punish a bad little boy?", she tells you and flips you on your stomach in the palm of her hand. Her thumb comes up and holds you down. "I'll go easy on you because it's only your first day back with me.", she says as she proceeds to whack your ass with the index finger of her free hand. It stings and you beg her to stop but she keeps going telling you , "That you need to be punished."

After ten good whacks, she drops you down on the bed by her bare feet and tells you, "Now to make up for your discretion, I want a nice foot massage. Now get to work before I decide to punish you again."

You get to work not wanting a repeat of her last treatment or worse. You start with her left foot and massage each toe on both feet which is a job in itself but as soon as you finish she orders you to climb on top of her foot and continue the massage using your whole body. You are tired after the whole treatment but she retrieves a bottle of moisturizer that she tells you to rub into her soles and between her toes. When you finish you are exhausted but at least she is happy with your work.

She takes you to the bathroom and cleans you off in the sink and then carries you back to the bedroom where she decides it is time ....

Your choices:

  1. give you a rest
  2. for you to have permission to play with her

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