Back at Debbie's Place

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By: northgate

You get back to Debbie's and it is a while before she takes you out of her pocketbook but when she finally does you see that she has changed into a sexy piece of lingerie. "Guess what?", she tells you, "I've decided to forgive you and take you back as my boyfriend. After all, I couldn't leave you with Lindsey. She would have killed you and you can't go out in the world all along. A cat might think you are a mouse. She laughs at her own joke and brings you close to her chest giving you a hug. You grab on to the neckline of her lingerie to keep from falling when she lets go and you are left dangling helplessly from there.

"Oh, aren't you a naughty boy. Trying to pull down my outfit to get a look at my breasts. Don't worry, you'll get to see plenty really soon but first I want to see you do a little striptease for me." She puts you on a table top and starts humming a classic striptease tune. "Now don't keep me waiting", she says with a poke from her index finger.

You do the best you can trying to dance and strip and she laughs at your efforts. You are down to nothing but a pair of undershorts when you finally stop dancing. She picks you up and says, "No quite done and she tugs at your shorts pulling them off leaving you completely naked. "Rule #1", she tells you as she carries you over to the bed, "No more clothes for you. I like you naked and you're less likely to go wandering off somewhere."
She positions you back hanging off her outfit as she sits down on her bed. "Rule #2 is that you have to do whatever I say. You're little and I need to take care of you so you'll have to listen to what I say."

You start to wonder about this situation. It seems better than being with Lindsey but this could turn out just as bad. She brings her index finger and starts to tickle your side. You can't hold on and you fall tumbling between her breasts and over her belly and landing on the bed between her thighs. You look up and looming in front of you is a shaven pussy almost as big as you.

You ...

Your choices:

  1. reach out and stroke it
  2. run away as fast as you can.

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