Debbie Sees You

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By: northgate

Lindsey smiles down at you, "I think I'm going to call Debbie to come over and see you". You plead for her not to call your ex-girlfriend but she ignores you and takes a large glass jar out of her kitchen cabinet and drops you inside. It's just tall enough for you to not be able to climb out and she leaves you on the counter as she calls Debbie. You can hear her side of the conversation. You hear her say, "Deb, you've got to come over here right now. I have the greatest gift for you but only if you want it. .... No, I can't tell you what it is. It's a surprise...... OK, I'll see you in a few."
She hangs up and comes back over to you. "This is going to be so much fun. You two will have a great reunion." She lets out a laugh and leaves you sulking in the jar.

Not much more than a half an hour passed when you hear a doorbell and you hear Debbie's voice as she enters the apartment. You know your time is nearly up. They enter the kitchen and Lindsey picks you up in the jar and hold you up for Debbie to see. "Look what I caught sneaking around my apartment.", she says as Debbie looks in amazement. "That's not possible.", is all she can say.

Lindsey reaches in and grabs you between her fingers lifting you out of the jar for Debbie to get a better look. "He told me some crazy story about a genie shrinking and transporting him here. I thnk it's all bullshit but I have no idea how he got so small. I think it is karma. Want to hold him?", she tells Debbie. Debbie takes you and her fingers curls around you into a tight fist. She holds you up and her face and asks, "Am I big enough for you now?"

You know exactly what she is talking about. You were dating her, the only real girlfriend you ever had, and one night when you were out with her she noticed you checking out some really hot tall girl in the coffee shop. Now Debbie was really cute but she was petite standing at most 5 foot 1 inch and although you really liked being with her seeing a 5' 11" goddess was enough to get your attention no matter what. Debbie wasn't happy and an argument ensued and then you made the mistake and told her the truth. You told her that you liked tall girls and she was just too short for you. You regretted saying it within a second of the words coming out of your mouth but it was the truth. Little did you know that she was really sensitive about her height and you just hit the rawest of nerves. That was the last night you saw her. It was over after that. She didn't want to talk to you or see you again.... until now.

She squeezed you tighter to get your attention. "You didn't answer me. I'm I big enough for you now?". You nod weakly not wanting her to squeeze anymore and crack your ribs. "Good", she replies, "We are going back to my place and you can show me how a little tiny man like you can satisfy a beautiful big girl like me." She and Lindsey laughed at her comment as she stuffs you in her little pocket book.

"Thanks Lins", you can hear her say, "best present ever and it isn't even my birthday. I can't wait to get home and have some fun with my new boy toy." She swings the pocketbook as she walks back to her car just to let you know who is the boss and you regret ever meeting that genie.

Your choices:

  1. more fun and games back at Debbie's

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