Joe Stops Running

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By: northgate

Joe stops running and faces her figuring she may be a bitch but she isn't a cold blooded killer. Lindsey looks at him for a minute to figure out what he is up to and then without warning uses her big toe to knock Joe to his back. She lowers the sole of her foot over him and covers him lightly pressing on his body. The smell of her foot is overwhelming and Joe starts to think he made a mistake by facing her. However it is too late as he is trapped under her foot.

"So you don't think I would step on you, huh?", she asks without waiting for an answer. "You don't think I have it in me." She lifts her foot a few inches so she can see him lying there helplessly. "Should I or shouldn't I", she muses aloud.

Suddenly she decides and her foot stomps down instantly snuffing Joe out of existence. "I guess you were wrong, little Joe", she giggles as she leaves to get something to clean up her mess.

The End.

Retrieved September 13, 2016