Climb up and stay on the lip of the jar

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By: northgate

You climb up and are able to just barely reach the lip of the jar you are in. You pull yourself up and sit astride the top lip of the jar safe from both the hot stove top and the water below you. Lindsey eventually comes in and sees what you've done. "Bravo", she says, "You are pretty cleaver." She switches off the stove and her fingertips grab your body and lift you from your perch on the jar.

"Looks you are safe for now until I think up some more fun games. She empties the jar and drops you in. She drops a piece of a cookie in for you to and seals you in with a lid that has holes punched in it to let air in. She puts the jar down on the kitchen counter and says, "I've got things to do now so you can rest up and maybe we can play another game before bedtime", she laughs as she leaves the room.

You eat the cookie and drink some of the water left in the jar from her earlier game and think how screwed you are. That genie is free and won't be coming back to help you now. And of all people you could be stuck with Lindsey is probably the worst. She is good looking but an incredible bitch especially to you. Maybe if you get lucky you can convince her to give you to you ex-girlfriend Debbie or one of her friend who might treat you better.

You can see the clock on the kitchen wall and hours go by and it is getting dark when Lindsey comes back. She comes immediately over to you and picks up the jar and looks in at you. She unscrews the lid and looks down at you, "It's time to play another game, runt."

"I know you hate me", you tell her, "Can't you just give me to Debbie or one of your other friends to get rid of me. After all you don't want to be a murderer even if it is me."

She thinks for a minute and says....

Your choices:

  1. It's Game Time
  2. Hmmm, It is my friend Vicky's birthday and I didn't get her a present yet"

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