Lindsey's Job

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By: northgate

You have a foolproof plan to escape from Lindsey's apartment by hiding in a side pocket of her pocketbook. She has given up looking for you and leaves for her job unknowingly carrying you with her. She gets to work and you think from the sound it is some kind of store. She sets the pocketbook down and you hear her talking to a co-worker who she is relieving. Their voices fade and you realize the store must be empty and she left her pocketbook alone. You snap into action and climb out to find yourself on top of a display case. "Not the best place to be.", you think as you see Lindsey turning to come back to where you are.

You see a display on the end of the counter and you jump out and run to hide behind the display. "One step at a time", you think, "First get free of her and next find an escape from this store". Lindsey comes back and gets the pocketbook carrying it off to the backroom and leaving you alone to plan. You look around and realize you have another problem. This isn't just any store but a store for adult sex toys. This could be a problem. To make matters worse you see two young women enter the store and tey are heading in your direction. Although, the display you are hiding behind works to hide you from someone behind the counter it won't hide you from someone in front of the counter at the same time.

You fanatically look for somewhere else to hide but it is too late as they approach your counter and look in the case and the item behind it while chit chatting. They are both attractive and in their early twenties. The taller one has a nice tan and shoulder length dirty blond hair and green eyes while her friend is Hispanic with longer light brown hair and matching brown eyes. You stare at them while trying to stay absolutely still to avoid their attention.

Just then the Hispanic girl looks down and locks eyes with you. You panic and start to move but her hand comes down on you and grabs you up between her powerful fingers. "What do he have here?", she asks as she raises you up to exam you. She makes a smile that makes you uncomfortable and you say, "Please, quick, you need to hid me from the people here" but she ignores you and shows you to her friend who's eyes lights up at the the sight of you. "Ohhh, that's perfect. Exactly the kind of toy I was thinking of.", she tells her friend.

You want to speak up abut they are to excited to listen to you and to make matters worse Lindsey has seen them and is walking in their direction. "Can I help you with anything?", she asks as she gets to them.

"How much is this?", the Hispanic girl asks her as she shows you to a confused Lindsey. It takes a moment for her to put one and one together and realize what happened. "It's $199. It's one of a kind or at least the only one I suspect we'll ever have here.", she says without missing a beat.

"We'll take it!", the blond exclaims taking out a wad of money from her purse.

"Excellent", Lindsey responds back, "Shall I box him up so he doesn't get broken taking him home?"

"Yes, the girls both nod and you are dropped into Lindsey's awaiting hands and she gives you a squeeze and gives you a cruel smile as she takes a small box out and drops you in. She takes some paper and jams it in with you wedging you in. "Two lesbians shopping for a sex toy." I can't think for a better fate for you", she whispers as she puts the cover in place and secures it with a bow. She drops the box in a a bag and returns to hand you over and get payment.

You worry about that comment the whole way back to their home until the lid is lifted off and you see the same two girls looking down at you. "Hi, my name is Joe" and they cut you off with laughter at your tiny voice.

The blond replies, "I'm Sarah and this is my girlfriend, Maya. She tilts the box and you go tumbling out onto their kitchen tabletop and they both laugh again at your expense.

Maya tells you, "Sarah wants to experiment and have a threesome but I'm not interested in having a man in our bed so we went looking for something of a compromise when we found you. You better be ready for us or you might end up crushed between our hot bodies.

You gulp and wish you had never made that wish.

Your choices:

  1. Later that night with Sarah and Maya

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