Climb up and Jump to the Stove

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By: northgate

You decide to take a leap rather than take a chance you'll survive in boiling water or that Lindsey might come back in time and save you. You get to the top and push off and you clear the hot area of the stove top and roll across the surface. You quickly climb over to the counter top to look for a way down and away from this crazy bitch. The problem is that you don't see an obvious way down other than jumping to the hard floor below that would cause some damage.

There is a trash can at the end of the counter but you aren't too keen on jumping into the trash and not being able to escape. Then you see a pile of dish towels that she just washed and folded but didn't put away and you get an idea. One by one you open the towels and throw them into the nearly full trashcan making a soft landing area. The last towel you make into a makeshift parachute that you hope will slow your fall. You jump of the end and your idea works with you landing on top of the towels. You still have to jump from the top of the can to the floor but it is only half the distance that the counter was. You use your towel parachute idea again and get to the floor. You take off running and make it into the living room when you hear her coming back from the bedroom and you dive under the sofa ro hide as she discovers you escaped and starts looking for you.

While she is in the kitchen you make your way to the front door and hide under a table next to the door. You figure when she opens the door the next time you'll sneak out. It is risky but you don't have another choice. Then you see her pocketbook on the floor and you get an idea it has several outside pockets and you can hide in one and she'll unknowingly carry you right outside to freedom.

You get in a pocket and hide relaxing that you'll be free soon. You can here that she is furious that she can't find you and she is yelling and cursing at you to come out but eventually she gives up and tells you that she is going to work and that escape is impossible and she will find you eventually. After some time she is ready for work and comes to the door grabs her pocketbook with you still inside and leaves for her job.

You think all is well but what you don't know is that she is a ....

Your choices:

  1. stripper and you are enroute to the club
  2. night clerk at a sex toy shop.

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