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By: northgate

You come out from under the bed hoping she will keep her word and not step on you. She see you and quickly grabs you up in her tight fist. She smiles at you with her evil twisted smile, "What a good boy. Well I did say I wouldn't step on you but I still have to punish you.", she says as she carries you into the kitchen. "I don't want to kill you", she says as she dumps you on the counter, "at least not yet. I wanted to have some fun with you first."

She looks around the room, "The microwave merry-go-round could be fun but I might fry your brain.", she says and then she turns to the stove. "I once heard you can put a frog in water and slowly boil him and he doesn't realize that he's cooking. You think that is true for little men too.", she laughs.

You look up at her and say, "That's cause frogs are clod blooded. I'm human and I'll know."

She looks annoyed at you. "You are such a kill-joy. Maybe you'd like to dance in a hot frying pan for me or how about we play with the garbage disposal? That would be a convenient way to get rid of you", she laughs. Instead she sticks you in a glass jar and takes it over to the fridge. She pushing against the water dispenser on the door and chipped ice comes raining down on you in the jar. You try to protect your hear from the ice and you don't realize the ice is piling up at the bottom and your legs are stuck by the rapidly rising ice. Lindsey laughs at your struggled and lets it keep falling until it reaches your chest burying you in an ice pack.

She places the jar of ice on the flat electric stove top. "The good news is that the burner is on warm and it will eventually melt the ice in there if you survive that long. Bad news is I wouldn't climb out of that jar once you get loose because the surface may be a bit hot for you on the stove. Of course if we wait long enough the water will get pretty hot too. Decisions, decisions. Well good luck", she says as she leaves for a nap.

You wait while constantly trying to move your legs to get free. Slowly you are able to work your legs loose and pull yourself to the top of the ice. It is melting slowly but you won't be able to stay on top for long and you'll fall through to ice cold water that is forming. At an alternative the stove top may cause some real damage to you. You decide to ...

it out

Your choices:

  1. Climb up and jump to the stovetop below
  2. Climb up and stay on the lip of the jar

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