Meet Ellie's Friends

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By: northgate

Ellie smiles down at you once her sister leaves. "Well Well Well", she says, "So you were my sister's little secret. Now your here and we're going to have so much fun. Tonight I'm suppose to go over my friends to hang out. I think you should come along and meet my friends. They'll just love you."

You say, "OK I guess so." but she doesn't even listen to you and just drops you in the side pocket of her bag as she goes out and walks a few blocks to her friend's house. You settle in as her bag sways back and forth wondering what is ahead for you.

You don't have to wait to long as she arrives and you hear her talking to two other girls for a awhile. "Maybe she'll forget about me you think", but no such luck as she opens the pocket you are in and her fingers reach in and grab you extracting you and setting you down on a coffee table in from of a sofa that her two friends who stare down at you in amazement.

"Meet my new pet. Isn't he a cutie?", she asks.

Her one friend, Jenna, is a brunette with loose curly hair reaches out and gives you a poke with her finger knocking you over. "Is he real or a doll:, she asks.

"I'm a real person.". you tell her, "and my name is Joe"

They all laugh at your response as you get back on your feet but not for long as her other friend a big breasted blond plucks you up in her fingers and brings you close. You are still naked from when Tasha gave you a bath and never replaced your clothes and you're embarrassed to be naked and helpless n from of these giant girls. The blond says, "Hi, I'm Blair, little man. I see you have all your original equipment", she says as she plays with your member and her friend laugh at her comment. She brings you up close to her chest and a low cut thin white blouse. "You like my bobbies, tiny", she asks. Before you can answer, she brings you against them and squeezes you as she presses her breasts together.

You can barely breath from the pressure until she lets go and you tumble into her lap. "Oh, the poor little man must not be a breast man.", She hands you back to Ellie who holds you in her fist and sits down on the sofa with her friends. "So what do you want to do tonight girls. Popcorn and a movie?"

Your choices:

  1. Blair wants them to play a game with you.
  2. Jenna wants private time to play with you

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