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By: lowlandslow

Before you can answer she says "no, no, that's silly. You're a unique little man and there's nobody else like you in the whole world. Besides, if we put you up on the internet everyone in the world'll now all about you. And we don't want that do we? No, no we don't" she says, tickling you under the chin.

She lifts you up to cuddle you underneath her own chin whilst she thinks. "I know. I'll give you to my sister. That way you'll have a good home and I'll be able to see you whenever I want".

You gulp. " said your sister was evil".

She laughs and gives you a kiss "I only said that because I didn't want you escaping. Besides, everyone thinks their sisters are evil. You'll be fine".

You're not convinced but that's not too important as you don't actually get a say.

Tasha puts your lead around your neck and places you on the floor between her feet. As she calls her sister into the room, you cower behind her feet.

The door opens and Ellie enters. As you stare up from your hiding place your breath is taken away by how drop dead gorgeous she is. She's a bit younger than Tasha but still seems to be in her late teens with long shapely legs headed up to a cut-off mini dress exposing perfect thighs.
"What's up" she asks.

Tasha smiles "I've got a little present for you. You see this cage, here? What do you think lives in here?"

"You got me a pet?" Ellie inspects the cage with delight. "Wow, that's great, what is it? I can't see anything in here".

"He's down here" says Tasha "come on out, little guy."

You continue to cower behind Tasha. Ellie crouches down and looks at you. "Wow, is that... a little man? That's amazing."

"Yep", said Tasha, "It's a little man. I found him a couple of days back. I can't keep him 'cos I'm marrying Steve and I want him to go to a good home. I know we have our differences but I think you'll be perfect".

"That's amazing, that's just amazing" says Ellie hugging her sister, then takes the lead from Tasha and crouches down to where you're still cowering behind Tasha's feet and holds an upturned out to you. "Come here little guy, it's alright". You notice Ellie's face is every bit as beautiful as you'd imagined.

Despite your fear you're so entranced with this girl's spellbindingly sweet voice it's taking all your willpower to resist. Eventually you can do so no more and you meekly trot into Ellie's waiting palm. Ellie pets you, giggles, removes the lead and places you into the cage.

Tasha and Ellie spend a few minutes cooing over you and gushing how cute you are before Ellie picks up the cage and carries it out of the door, with Tasha waving after you.

A few moments later you're laid down in the bedside table in Ellie's room.

Your choices:

  1. Ellie can't wait to play with her new pet.
  2. Ellie can't wait to show you off to her best friends.

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