Tasha returns the Next Morning

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By: northgate

Tasha returns the next morning and removed the covering from your cage. "Wakey wakey sleepy head", she tells you with a big smile.
'Did you have a good night? Well, I did."

The last thing you want to hear about is her date but you won't be able to stop her from going on endlessly. Oh, if only you were full sized. You wouldn't have to listen to this dribble if you were full sized thn you could just leave but that's not happening as long as you are locked in her birdcage.

So goes on and on and her right index finger comes through the bar and strokes your still naked body. "Whoopsies.", she says, "I forgot you still need some clothes. I'll have to get to that later but I have to show you. Check this out." and she raises her left hand and shows you a diamond engagement on her left hand. You stare at it for a moment lost what to say and she continues, "Yes, My boyfriend finally proposed to me after I had all but given up on him.:

"What about me?", you ask.

"Good point, cutie", she says and she sees your dejected look knowing your relationship with her will never be. She opens the cage door and lifts you out depositing you in to her palm. "I guess my fiance wouldn't be too understand about e having a little pet man. I guess I'm going to have to find someone to adopt you like I did."

"I don't want to be someone else's pet", you tell her.

"Don't worry, I'll check all my friends to find a perfect match for you.", she replies, "Wait a minute, I have a better idea since you are want to be a big man. How about I put all your information into the e-Harmony web site and we can get you a date. Maybe we can find the widdle man a widdle girl to live with. What do you think?"

Your choices:

  1. Accept her offer to Find you a new Owner
  2. Accept her offer to get you a date on e-Harmony

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