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By: hurtonburton2

Feeling her stomach move up and down with her breathing, you walk slowly and carefully up toward her vast, mountainous breasts, that are covered with a skimpy black bra. As you reach them, you momentarily pause - unsure how to proceed which such vast hills ahead of you.

"Too much for you to handle, little man?" Annie teases.

Regaining your composure, you clamber toward the left breast and ascend towards its peak. Once you make it to the top, you begin to massage her nipple. It's hard work and, woozy from your accident earlier, you're already struggling.

"You'll have to do better than that little man" says Annie. "Perhaps try a little lower".

She reaches to grab you and moves you down to her thigh just below her skimpy black underwear. She momentarily lifts herself (and you in the process) ready to remove the underwear.



You both turn around in shock and see Tasha at the doorway in her black waitress uniform. Clearly she came back for something and nobody locked the door.

As she storms toward you and grabs you up, you get ready to apologise

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to"

But she isn't listening. Instead she is looking angrily at Annie. "The poor little guy had an accident earlier. You told me you'd look after him and instead you're making him do...this".

Annie tries to gulp out an apology but Tasha doesn't want to hear it. Instead she storms out of the apartment carrying you. When she reaches the bottom of the stares, she looks at you tenderly.

"I'm so sorry, little guy. I thought she was going to look after you, not make you do big people things that you're far too tiny for, oh yes you are". As she hugs and kisses you, she is so gorgeous that - not for the first time - you really wish she would do exactly what Annie was doing to you.

She moves you away from her and holds you up so you can stare directly into your eyes. "I promise", she says solemnly, "never to leave you with anyone ever again". Now I'd better put you away.

She tucks you into the pocket at the front her skirt and, just like when you first met her, you find her thighs bumping against you as she walks. "Great", you think to yourself, "I'm stuck as her pet again". The terrifying thing is that there' a part of you that is pleased and relieved to be back in her possession.

Your choices:

  1. She takes you with her to work and keeps you with her all day
  2. She phones in sick and takes you straight home

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