No Shots for You

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By: northgate

Tasha looks down at you. "Did you have your shots?", she asks you.

You have no idea what she is talking about and don't want to find out, "Um, yeah", you reply, "I got them all recently. I'm good"

Tasha seems satisfied with your answer and looks at Annie. "I guess he's got then.", she tells her.

"So are you going home now", Annie asks.

"No, I have a long shift at the restaurant. I'm there till closing.", she replies.

"Oh, that's not good", Annie tells her, "You can't be jostling him around like that in your apron. He needs real rest. Tell you what, I'm home all night. I can keep him at home and take care of him and you can pick him up on your way home."

"That sounds good", Tasha tells her, "I'll see you at eleven." and she leaved for work.

You look around and see you aren't in a vet's office but rather on the kitchen table of a small apartment. Once Tasha leaves, Annie focusing on you sitting down in front on you on a chair by the table. She smiles down at you watching you intently.

You think maybe Annie will help you so you try by saying, "Can you please help me. Tasha treats me like some kind of pet keeping me naked and making me walk on a leash. I am a man and deserve to be treated with some dignity. Help me get away from her."

Annie thinks for a moment and says, "Tell you what, if you are really a man and you prove it to me I'll help you. We're going to have a little test and if you fail you go back to Tasha and you will do what she says. Now I'm going to get a few things ready. You stay here and I'll be right back."

She leaves and you look around and see no way off the table other than jumping so you are stuck till she returns. You pace back and forth wondering what she has in mind but you don't wait too long until she returns dresses the the skimpiest sexiest piece of lingerie that you have ever seen.

She approaches the table and looks down at you, "So do you like?", she asks. You shake your head numbly and she smiles. "This is easy. I will take you ito my bedroom and you have until Tasha comes back to seduce and satisfy me. Do I good job and I'll help you. Just remember, I'm the monly judge in this contest and my word is final."

She cares you into her bedroom which is all frilly and pink and lays on her back in the bed propping up her head against a pile of pillows. She places you on her stomach and says, "I'm all yours. You better get to work."

You look around and decide to head......

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