I'm taking you to a vet."

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By: lowlandslow

Tasha gives you a kiss and a cuddle. "It's alright. It's alright" she soothes "my friend Annie's is a veterinary nurse. I'll get her to check you out".

She sits you on the bed whilst she dresses - for once you'd be able to see her naked if you weren't too dizzy to open your eyes" - then slips you into the pocket of her jeans and heads out the house.

On the way you think you hear her call her work and tell them she's going to be late but traveling in Tasha's pocket makes you even dizzier and eventually you lapse into unconsciousness.

When you open your eyes you're led on a sterile metal table whilst Tasha looks over you anxiously and a girl about Tasha'a age in a veterinary nurse's uniform leans over you. She's cute but not as cute as Tasha and the look of concern on your "owner's" face makes you realize how much she does care about you and you feel a bit guilty about being so resentful of her care. "Thanks so much for keeping this quiet Annie", Tasha says. "As you can see he's an unusual little thing and I worry about what people'd do to him if they found out he existed".

"No problem", says Annie, as she examines you. "It looks like he's going to be fine. Just keep him fed and rested and he should be back to normal in a few days."

"Thank God" Tasha says, petting you.

"You're a lucky little man having an owner this cute and caring" Annie tells you. Then she looks up at Tasha. "Has he had his shots?"

Your choices:

  1. Tasha says yes.
  2. Tasha says no.

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