Morning Exercises

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By: lowlandslow

It doesn't take you long to drift off to sleep. The t-shirt in the cage is surprisingly comfortable and you sleep soundly all night before being woken up by Tasha's finger playing with you through the cage.

"Morning little guy" she says. You stare up at her taking in her t-shirt and underwear combination that shows off her shapely legs. She plucks you out of the cage, carries you over to bed and sits you on her thigh.

"Now then little guy. I don't want you getting out of shape so you're going to have to earn your breakfast by doing some exercises for me. It'll be okay. We'll do them together and have some fun. First off, we'll start with some sit-ups."

She lies back on the bed, and waits patiently for you lie back on her thigh. You do so. As she counts to twenty you do sit-ups on her-thigh whilst she does sit-ups of her own.

Then she gets onto her front, sets you on the small of her back and starts doing press-ups whilst you do the same from your position on top of her. "Good boy" she says, producing some crumbs of a bagel which she offers you as a reward.

Finally she stands up, places you on the bed in front of her and starts doing star jumps, again forcing you to join in. You jump up and down but are more distracted by staring up at her shapely figure bobbing up and down in front of you.

All of a sudden she loses her footing and slips forward, landing heavily on the bed. She misses you but the pressure sends you flying up in the air and you land awkward on the edge of the bed, banging your head.

"Oh, you poor thing" she says, towering over you and staring down with concern. "Are you ok?"

"I...i think so", you say, "but I do feel a bit giddy". Almost on cue you fall over, crashing onto the bed. You quickly recover but 'Tasha looks very concerned.

She picks you up and cuddles you safe to her. "I can't leave you on your own today, I need to know you're okay so...

Your choices:

  1. I'm taking you to work so I can keep an eye on you."
  2. I'm taking you to a vet."

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