Bath with Tasha

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By: northgate

Tasha tells you, "I think we should take a bath together to try out your sailor suit."

You get excited at the idea of taking a bath with her but then you see she put on a one piece bath suit for bath time and you are disappointed. She carries you in the bathroom and pulls out a small toy boat from under the sink and she cleans it off as she runs the bath water. The "boat" isn't much more than a shell of a hull for you to sit in without any oars or a sail you pretty much can't do anything but float around in it.

She sits outside the tub watching you struggle in the boat as she uses her hands to make little waves to send you back and forth. Then she decides to join you and the waves from her body coming in the water almost capsize the boat but you are able to hold on. She splashes you more aggressively laughing and having fun while the boat is filling up with water and starting to sink so you try bailing with your hands but that isn't too effective and the boat slowly sinks leaving you in the water treading water.

She puts her leg up with her foot on the edge of the tub leaving her leg out of the water and then she plucks you out of the water and upon her thigh. "You're not a very good sailor. Your boat sank and you got your new clothes all wet.", she says. You try to defend yourself but she says over you, "Now no excuses. It's time I dry you off.", she tells you as she lifts you out of the tub and carries you to the sink where she gives you an enormous hand towel to dry off with while she dries herself and puts on a terry cloth robe over bathing suit. She finishes by striping you naked again and drying you off. She slips the wet sailor suit in one pocket of her robe and you in the other to return to her room.

She gets back to her room and puts you back in the birdcage and covers it up so you can't watch her change. You sit there depressed at how this girl thinks you are nothing more than a pet or a toy and this is what your life has become and you start to think of ways to escape and regain your freedom.
Tasha is off doing other things and you are left alone except for when she brought you food and water. She watches you eat in fascination and then she covers you back up for the night.

Your choices:

  1. The next morning with Tasha

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