A miniature sailor suit.

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By: lowlandslow

She dresses you in a miniature sailor suit then smiles admiringly at you.

"that's so adorable. And I've got a great idea - I think I'll make you walk the plank."

She sits on the bed and stretches out a long bare leg over the edge. She places you on her upper thigh and, gently prodding your back, makes you walk out along the leg. You balance yourself carefully, terrified of falling off and plummeting to the ground. Smooth though it is, it's difficult to negotiate her knee but - that aside - you make it all the way out to the ankle without any problems.

Tasha raises her leg up so that you slide back down toward her and catches you before you can crash into her hip.

She gives you a kiss then says "you know what would be cute? Seeing my little sailor in a real boat. I'm going to take you...

Your choices:

  1. ..to the local beach."
  2. ...into the bath with me."

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