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By: lowlandslow

You let rip at Tasha, furiously raging about the fact you're a man not a pet and that she should respect you as such. You tell her she's been condescending, patronizing and demeaning and that you're sick of being treated like an animal. You get extremely angry and once or twice you can see she's hurt by what she says.

After you finish yelling at her, she says nothing for a moment and then replies in a low calm voice "I can see my little man's frustrated and over-tired but that doesn't give you the right to be so nasty to me given how much I've done to care for, protect and look after you. It's hurtful it's not appreciated and if you don't apologize to me now, I'm going to have to punish you."

You're much too angry to apologize and instead stare at her saying nothing. You'd call it defiance, an observer might call it sulking. In any case she stands up and puts you back in the cage. Then she lowers her face to your level and looks at you as she calmly explains your punishment. "Until you say sorry you can stay in there on your own with no kisses, cuddles or affection. I'm sorry to do this but my little pet has to learn how to behave."

With that she places the silk cover over the cage and leaves you to stew. You spend the night awake, silently furious thinking about how demeaning your treatment has been at the hands of this girl.

In the morning she pulls back the silk cover. She changes the water bottle without looking at you then turns and looks steadily at you. "Is my little man ready to apologize yet?" You cross your arms and say nothing. "Ok then" she says. Then she simply drops some food into the cage and then replaces the silk cover without saying a single word.

You rage some more all morning then at lunchtime the same thing happens again - she replaces the food and water without saying a word and asks if you if you're ready to apologize. You aren't. The silk cover goes back on. But to your surprise you realize you miss her taking you out of the cage and playing with you, however demeaning it might have been. You start to think about apologizing just to get some attention again but realize your pride won't let you do it. But there's something else too - in a weird way you'd feel bad about giving a fake apology to Tasha. She has been gentle and caring towards you in the past two days and, even now she's upset with you, her punishment is one that doesn't actually hurt you. Even though she was obviously hurt by what you said, It involves no violence or cruelty, and she's still keeping you safe.

You refuse to apologize again that evening but over night you start to think about things. It was you who chose to shrink in the first place and, since you've been unable to grow back, you've been used, abused and nearly swallowed alive in the harem, teased and tormented by Lindsey, and had one of Lindsey's friends hellbent on flushing you away or making you a toy for a small child. In all that time Tasha is the only girl who's actually cared about you. Realistically Jasmine's long gone and you have no plan to get your size back. If you lost Tasha the likelihood is you'd be accidentally killed and failing that you'd be caught by someone else, who might not be very nice to you, might torture you, might hurt you or might even want to dissect you and perform experiments. What's more, whilst your captresses so far have been women, next time it might be a child, it might be a man or it might even be an animal as prey. The fact you've got an "owner" who's both an attractive woman and gentle with you is probably the best combination you're going to get.

You might hate Tasha treating you like a small helpless pet who needs protection but really is that because you hate her for being unreasonable or because you hate the fact you're a small helpless pet who needs protection? Ultimately you aren't a normal-sized man any more and don't see any way you will become one again, you'll never work again and you'll never again do most of the things normal-sized men do and, by your own stupidity, have got yourself into a position where your a tiny creature who needs protection.

You hate the thought but maybe it's time you accepted the reason Tasha treats you like a mouse or hamster or whatever is because that's what you are now. Tasha has taken you in, protected you and probably represents the best life you can possibly have now.

In the morning she once again pulls back the silk cover, changes your food and water and calmly asks you to apologise.

Do you...

Your choices:

  1. Apologize and accept your new life as Tasha's pet
  2. Refuse to swallow your pride and defiantly continue with solitary confinement.

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