Tasha Returns in a Few Hours

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By: northgate

Tasha comes back before midnight and she doesn't look too happy. "All men are total shits", she growls at you, "That shithead thought he'd buy me a few drinks and then do whatever he wants. What kind of girl does he think I am."

"Do you want to talk". you ask trying to be helpful.

"Why should I talk to you", she says annoyed and she swats the cage send it swinging side to side and you grab onto the bars to keep from being hurt. "You're just like the rest of them - a man."

You lose your grip and go flying against the bars and crumble to the floor of the cage. She sees you and comes over and steads the cage. "I'm sorry. It isn't your fault." Are you OK?", she asks.

You get back to your feet slowly. "Yeah, I'm OK nothing bloken or bleeding", you tell her.

"I'm sorry but I was so angry.", she tells you, "My best friend's boyfriend Jim set me up with this guy he works with. The four of us were going to go out for dinner and dancing. Then we were suppose to go back to Jim's and hang out because there was a party at his apartment building. We had dinner and this guy was a total lout. We went dancing but he only wanted to drink and make out. What a jerk. I finally told them I wasn't feeling well and to drop me off at home on the away to Jim's. Who knows what that guy would have tried at Jim's apartment."

"That's terrible.", you tell her sympathetically, "I would never do that to a wonderful girl like you on a date."

Suddenly she smiles, "That is so cute. My little man is a gentleman." She takes you out of the cage and carries you to the bed where she sits down cross legged and places you in her lap. "so tell me what you would do on our date", she asks you.

You proceed to tell her about your fictional date with her and you make up all this detail that this would be the most incredible date ever. She just soaks it in and hold you in the palm of her hand as you continue with all the details. She asks you all kinds of questions and you just keep goingmaking up details without hesitation.

When you finish she lifts you up and gives you a kiss on the head. "You are so cute telling me that whole story about us going on a date. Too bad you're just a little tiny thing. You can't even drive a car, or buy me dinner or dance with me at least without me holding you in my hand. But don't worry, my little pet Tahsha will protect you and keep you safe."

You are furious that after you told her all that stuff, she still thinks you are a pet even though you are twice the man than that bastard who dated her tonight was. You decide to ...

Your choices:

  1. tell her off, you've had enough of her treating you like a pet.
  2. keep you mouth shut no reason to ruin a good thing.

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