Tasha has a big night ahead...

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By: lowlandslow

Moments later Tasha returns, your dirty clothes between her fingers.

"There", she says whilst tickling you through the bars of her cage, "now you can stay as my secret little pet. You're going to like that aren't you, being my secret little man forever?"

She stands back up and drops your clothes into the bin. "We'll get you your new outfit tomorrow."

"Now", she says, sitting herself down in front of you and lowering her face so you can look right into her eyes , "Tasha's got a big date tonight and you're going to have to be a brave little soldier and stay here all by yourself. It's all right - I promise I'll make a big fuss of you tomorrow to make up for it."

As she reaches a finger through the cage and pets you again you feel utterly humiliated. It's bad enough that being so small around this titaness but the idea that she's off dating another guy whilst you're being treated as a tiny and helpless little pet degrades you completely. She catches you looking mournfully at her and plucks you out of your cage.

"Tell you what", she says, "as a special treat I'll let you watch me get ready."

She sits you on the dresser and you gaze up at her as she strips out of her outfit into her bra and underwear and then changes into a stunning little red minidress. She applies her make-up and fixer her hair and then gives a twirl, modelling herself before you. She looks absolutely amazing and you can't hide it, although even if you had a pokerface then the reaction between your legs would give the game away.

"Awww, that's so adorable", she says stroking and caressing you, "Tasha likes you too, little man, but you're just a little pet and far too tiny for grown-up stuff." She gives you several gentle kisses as a reward then places you back in the cage, before topping up your water.

"Don't wait up" she giggles before blowing you a kiss goodbye and placing the silk cover back over your cage.

You hear Tasha head out and sit alone in the darkness, bemoaning your cruel fate and trying not to image you're captress with another (proper-sized) man.

Your choices:

  1. Tasha returns a couple of hours later in a very low mood.
  2. Tasha returns the following morning in a very good mood.

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