Tricks for Tasha

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By: northgate

"Heel", she tells you yanking on the cord to emphasis her point. You comply for another ten minutes of walking along side her best you can. She gives you another tiny bit of chicken and carries you over to the bed where she repeats the sit lesson again. You quickly comply wanting to be feed but she only pets you and says, "Good boy".

Next she tells you to roll over but enough is enough and you refuse but she will have none of it and flips you between her fingers. "See, that's roll over", she tells you like you are some idiot dog. You are fuming when she says roll over again and you refuse again. This time she paddles you on the behind with her index finger and says, "Bad boy. Now roll over." and she rolls you with her fingers not once but over and over until you are disoriented. "Now do it yourself", she orders, "Roll over" You just want to eat and can't tell what end is up and blindly obey her. She says good boy and gives you chicken but you are still too dizzy to take a bite. She says, "Is my little man full already?"

"No no", you tell her, "I just got dizzy. I'm still hungry. Please let me have more".

She smiles at you, "OK and rest and next time you need to do what I tell you the first time. We'll try this again tomorrow. I wonder how many cool tricks I can teach you." She get her remote and turns the TV on while you eat more chicken. She lays there propped up watching TV but as soon as you try to move she is on you like a hawk pulling you close to her side against her t-shirt absentmindingly petting you.

After a few shows, she turns her attention to you examining you and says, "I think you need a wardrobe change. Your clothes are filthy, I'm just not sure what I'd like to see you in. Maybe a nothing but a diaper like Baby New Years. That would be cute. How about a little sailor suit? Hmmm, I guess I should clean you up. How about a bubble bath with me after I eat dinner?". You shake your head and says "Yes" and she smiles.

The two of you watch TV until it is her dinner time and she decides you'll get to join her at dinner although hidden in her pocket. She slips you in her front jeans pocket which is tight to say the least but you make the best of it as she goes to dinner. You hear two other voices which must be her mother and sister. The sister is at least a teenager if not older but it is hard to tell. She takes pleasure in playing with you in her pocket during dinner but no one is the wiser.

After dinner you return to her room and she asks if you are ready for the bath and you say "Yes". She carries you into the bathroom and locks the door. She turns the sink water on and stops the drain. As the water rises she adds a bit of bubble bath. "I thought we were taking a bath together", you ask her.

She starts to strip you pulling at your clothes and says, "No. I won't fit in the sink you silly little man. I'm going to wash you."

"But I am big enough to wash myself.", you tell her but she just takes your naked body and dunk it in the hot soapy water.

"Now you can't reach the sink or turn the faucets or even climb out when you are done without my help", she tells you, "You need me to wash you . Now stop on this silly talk and be a good boy and behave."

Just then you hear a voice outside the door. It is Tasha's sister. "What are you doing in there Tasha? Who are you talking to?", she asks.

"Just getting washed and talking to myself, Ellie.", Tasha answers as she starts to empty the drain and and rinses you off. Tasha dries you with a hand towel and puts you back in her pocket for safekeeping in case her sister Ellie is in the hall. She quickly takes you back to her room and pulls you out of her pocket. "My sister is evil.", she tells you, "There is no telling what horrible things she would do to you if she got a hold of you."

She looks at you naked in her palm and realizes she left your clothes in the bathroom. She puts you in your birdcage and goes back to retrieve the clothes.

Your choices:

  1. Ellie found the tiny clothes first and is usupious of what is going on
  2. Tasha gets your dirty clothes from the bathroom.

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