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By: lowlandslow

You find yourself staring up into the beautiful eyes of your captress as she leans over you, still in the white t-shirt, short black skirt and black tights of her waitressing outfit.

"Did my little man miss me?" she asks as she lifts you out of the cage and caresses you.

She takes you over to the bed and strokes you for a while.

Then she smiles and says "Tasha has a present for her little man, oh yes she does". She sets you on the floor between her black high-heeled shoes and then produces from the pouch on her skirt a long brown thin length of cord which she straps around your neck as a lead. "My little man needs his exercise" she says. She stands up and walks slowly (for her) around the room pulling you scampering along between her feet behind her. For about twenty minutes she walks you up and down like this before she scoops you into her palm and gives you a kiss as a reward.

"Now", she says, "does my little man want feeding?"

She produces another sandwich bag of chicken and show it to you. You reach for it. She pulls it away.

"Uh uh", she says sitting down on the bed and placing you on her thigh, "the little guy needs to show he can be a good boy for his owner. Now, sit".

You stare at her, unsure if she really is treating you like a puppy needing house-training.

"Sit" she repeats. And, when you refuse, she reaches down to sit you on her thigh to show what she means.

"Now you" she says, standing back up again. "If you want your reward you'll have to be good. Can you sit for Tasha? Sit."

Humiliated but starving, you sit down in her lap. "Good boy", she says and gives you a bit of chicken but not enough to take your edge of your hunger and making you more desperate for more food than ever.

"Now", she says putting you down on the floor and taking two steps away from you. "Heel."


Your choices:

  1. obediently trot to heel.
  2. make another attempt at escape.

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